As we all know, a cat is a person's best friend, always and forever lending a helping paw around the home. No cat would ever let the lack of a thumb come between her or him and housework, as these TCS cats show you!

Like this energetic ginger tabby keen on sorting the blue glass dishes from the white bowls -

Or this tabby who's just finished clearing the lower rack and is taking a short break before getting on with the upper one.

When you have a cat, you can stop worrying about clutter in the cupboards! This cat is making sure the boxes are stacked up nicely in alphabetical order:

While these two are making sure the kitchen is well stocked with tea.

De-cluttering the fridge is something cats love helping out with -

We occasionally get photographic evidence of cats trying to help with cooking. Please remember most kitties are too young to handle cooking.

It is ok to let them help measure ingredients. How else can you tell when a cake needs "two kittens worth of sugar"?

You can let them help with decorating a cake occasionally, like this kitty is doing here. Isn't he talented?

Also, as much as your cat wants to make you coffee, please don't let her. This is strictly grown-up business.

Next, it's time to take out the trash. Once the bin is clean and has a fresh bag in it, some cats like to get inside for a closer inspection.

Is laundry the next big item on your to-do list? No problem! That's what cats are for! To help out!

Mind you, as much as the dear little angels want to help, the washer and dryer are extremely dangerous for cats.

Never let your cat visit the laundry area unsupervised and always check inside to make sure no cat has made his or her way into one of these machines.

No dryer? No worries! Your cat will be delighted to hang your laundry on the drying rack! Look how proud this one is of his good work!

Once it's dry, your cat will most likely get busy with folding everything -

Really. Cats are masters of folding laundry! They just take their time planning ahead.

And sometimes they get so tired from all the hard work, they take a quick nap.

The results are usually really good though. Just look at this proud cat presiding over the folded towels!

Next, every self-respecting cat is going to put those neatly folded fresh clothes on the shelves -

And into drawers.

Finally, it's time to clean the floor. Cats are excellent at sweeping floors.

Even young kittens can help. Just look at this baby all ready to get to work!

Please remember, with such a helpful pet around the home, safety is a major issue, so take a minute to read this -

[article="22410"]How To Make Your Home And Garden Safe For Your Cat[/article]

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