23 Cats That Are Trying To Hide – Some Successfully!

Cats? Masters of hide and seek? You bet!

But here's the catch - some are pros, some... not so much. Welcome to our funny guide at TheCatSite.

We've got 23 adorable furballs who are giving their best at hide and seek.

Some get an A+ for their hiding skills, while others, well, they've got an A for effort!

So sit your cat down and let them learn from the masters... and the blunders! Get ready for some laughs - this is going to be a hoot!

The Art and Comedy of Feline Hide and Seek

Oh, hiding spots where do we start?
Cabinets, desks, or works of art?
In corners sly, or spaces vast,
Where cats might hide, they're having a blast!

A cat is hiding

Look under the bed, where dreams are spun,
There you'll find another one.
Beneath the skirt, out of sight,
Sleeps a kitty, snug and tight.

A cat hiding under a bed

In a box, not one but two,
Sharing secrets, only they knew.
A furry cuddle, a purring chat,
Oh, the joy of being a cat!

Cats hiding in a box

High on a tree, a kitty's delight,
In plain sight, yet out of the light.
Thinks it's hiding, oh what a spree,
The charming whimsy of a cat in a tree!

A black cat hanging out on a tree

A bucket seems a quirky choice,
But it can muffle a cat's voice.
An owner may search high and low,
Overlooking the bucket below!

A cat sitting in a bucket

The Art of Blending In: Boxes, Bags, and Paper Forts

The classic box, so versatile,
Makes any cat look juvenile.
Size is no concern, you see,
In a box, all cats are free!

A cat sitting in a pink shoebox

A bag is another tricky spot,
Quiet as a mouse, a cat must squat.
But oh the fun, if captured right,
Matrix-like photos, an absolute delight!

A cat hiding in a bag

A thermal bag, padded and warm,
Keeps our feline friends from harm.
Blend in well, with eyes all wide,
Who knows what in there might hide?

Cats hiding in a thermal bag

When a human peeks within,
It's time for blending to begin.
Become one with the bag, oh feline smart,
An artful hideout, a true work of art.


Cat sitting in a tote

Inside a gym tote, a cave-like dream,
Cats find this spot supreme.
The distinct aroma fills the air,
In such a hideout, cats dare!

Cat inside a gym bag

Corners round, or edges neat,
Nothing can beat this cardboard treat.
A playful bite, a quick gnaw,
A cat's joy that leaves you in awe.

cat eating the sides of a box

Books, oh books, a mighty fort,
If large enough, they make a great resort.
But this doesn't always prove right,
As some kitties have learned in fright.

Kitty hiding under a book

A snapshot of a tiny guest,
In a box, they've made their nest.
Peeking out, oh so shy,
A kitty's world beneath the sky.

A kitty peking out of a hole in the box

Now, spot the red tabby, if you dare,
In this picture, where oh where?
Hiding spots so effective and sly,
You might just let a cat slip by.

a kitty peeking their hand out from under a shirt

Hide and Seek Fails: Lessons in Camouflage and Concealment

Peek-a-boo fails, a common sight,
For kitties who can't hide just right.
If they can't see you, it's a pity,
But it doesn't work that way, oh kitty!

a cat with their head inside a paper bag

From a small hole, what's this we spy?
A kitty's nose, oh me, oh my!
In a box, it's found its nook,
Peeping out, it takes a look.

A cat's nose peeking out from a box hole

Plastic caves, a transparent dream,
Where bottles lived, now felines preen.
But dear cat, here's a hint,
Plastic doesn't hide your print!

Cat hiding in a gatorade box with plastic

A cat on a chair, oh what a sight,
Hiding its head, tucked out of light.
Under the table's protective eaves,
It weaves its web of make-believes.

cat hiding under a table

Just because they can't see you,
Doesn't mean you're out of view.
Your tail, your paw, your whisker thin,
Give away your hiding bin.

cat under a table

Covering more than just your head,
Well done, kitty, enough said.
But, alas, your body shows,
Where you hide, everyone knows.

Cat hiding but legs sticking out

In a box, a cat sits tight,
But oh, this hide is not quite right.
The body's seen, a sight so clear,
Yet in the box, the cat feels dear.

a cat sitting in a box

So very close, you've almost won,
Your hiding journey's nearly done.
But alas, your tail, it gives you away,
Perhaps, you'll master this another day.

A cat tail is sticking out from a box

Oh, the joy, the fun it brings,
As the cat in the box springs.
Head and paw, a sight so sweet,
This playful moment, it's quite a feat.

A cat in a box

Some cats just sigh, give up the race,
Try to hide within their own space.
Perhaps they fail, but humans coo,
Hey, at least, it's super cute too!

a cat covering its face with paws

Celebrating the Quirky Glory of Feline Hide and Seek

There you have it, folks - the art of feline hide and seek in all its quirky glory.

From drawers to boxes, from bags to under beds, our furry friends never fail to surprise us with their hiding antics.

Whether it's a master hide, a nearly perfect camouflage, or an adorably failed attempt, each cat brings its unique twist to the game.

Let's continue to embrace their individuality, celebrate their playful spirit, and cherish the countless moments of joy they bring into our lives.

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15 comments on “23 Cats That Are Trying To Hide – Some Successfully!

Alicia88 August 27, 2016
Precious!  My Connor is great at hiding.  I stopped by my sisters after the boys got their shots so my step daughter could play with her kids.  When we were ready to leave, I couldn't find Connor anywhere.  We thought he'd maybe sneaked outside.  Four of my sister's kids were looking and calling his name (the 5th one can't walk yet, haha), as were my sister, my other teenage sister, one of her teenage friends and of course me.  We searched for over an hour and I was in tears.  I was afraid he was gone forever.  I pulled out a kitchen chair to sit down . . . and there was Connor.  Sleeping on the chair under the table.  Little brat scared the hell out of me then blinked up at me like, "What?  Can't a guy take a nap?" I think being black helps him a lot.  He's good at blending in with shadows and whatnot.
snowpawprint August 7, 2016
aww thay are adorable! number 6 looks a little like my blossom
grizzlysapien July 17, 2016
You didn't include pictures of my Grizzly.. That's because he always hides himself effectively :P
lisabh July 3, 2016
adorable.. each cat pic is sooo sweet. One of mine hides between the books in the bookcase. I cant figure out how she does it, without knocking all the books off the shelf!?
segelkatt June 20, 2016
My foster crawls under the covers on the day bed and goes to sleep. He also hops on the shelf under the coffee table and thinks that nobody can see him because there is a tablecloth on top hanging down the sides. Sure, what's that bushy tail hanging out that the other black cat attacks?
shewolf June 12, 2016
my cat hides behind a sheer curtain over a hall way closet and attacks me as I walk by.....he is 23 pounds of high energy....my Zeus
betsygee May 18, 2016
@SasSea  I can just picture that.  Too cute.  
sassea May 18, 2016
When our Sassea was about 9 weeks old we panicked as we started our second look around. My wife had a pair of boots with the fuzz around the top and sitting in there just watching was the adorable kitten Sassea. She wasn't worried, she knew where she was.
krate March 25, 2016
Great photos
raysmyheart March 18, 2016
This is too much, I'm having a good laugh!  Reminds me of my Speedy, she has a thin felt rug she will disappear under.  Gee, I wouldn't know she is under there except for the Speedy-sized bump in the rug!!
dennis47 March 17, 2016
These are hysterical! Laughed the whole article through! Loved #7 the best.
tarasgirl06 March 15, 2016
LOVE these!  Especially #4 and #14.  Not quite sure what a "newspaper" is, though ;).  
betsygee March 15, 2016
Some very clever kitties in these photos!  :-)
mservant March 14, 2016
ROFL, so many cute little paws and tail-ends giving the cat-game away here along side the eyes peering out from dark spaces. Very cute.
camillel March 14, 2016
ALL of the above are SOOOO cute Great hiding places fellow felines

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