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What Tcs Members Use: Cat Dental Health Care

Feb 12, 2013 · Updated Sep 4, 2013 · ·
  1. Anne
    There is more than one effective way to take care of your cat’s teeth. Dental treats, pet toothpaste and dental toys are just a few of the options our members often discuss on the forums.

    Important note before we proceed: Please remember that your cat may already suffer from some form of tooth and gum disease. Existing dental or periodontal disease could make dental home care too painful for the cat, so do not make changes to your cat’s dental care routines without first consulting your vet. Click to read more about dental routines and brushing your cat’s teeth.

    Here’s a list of common dental care products you may want to look into and what our members said about them.

    Feline Greenies Dental Treats

    Buy it at www.amazon.com

    Greenies are often recommended on the forums as a cat treat. They use a natural formula with added vitamins, minerals, taurine and chlorophyll for 100% nutritionally-complete cat treats for adult cats. Just keep in mind this is a treat and should not replace a balanced diet. Most cats seem to like at least one of their five flavors, making this a popular choice among TCS members.

    “Feline Greenies Dental Treats” are approved by the V.O.H.C. (The Veterinary Oral Health Council) for tartar reduction, which means their effectiveness was proved by scientific studies.

    Prescription Diet® t/d® Feline Dental Health

    Hill's Prescription Diet t/d was designed with dental health benefits in mind. The larger-than-usual pieces of kibble make cats chew them, rather than swallow them whole. The friction between the food and the surface of the tooth helps clean plaque. With less plaque on the teeth the rate of tartar build-up is decreased.

    When it comes to plaque/tartar control it's pretty clear that only a dental formula like this one has any effect. Read here why regular dry food does not actually clean your cat's teeth. This is one of the few formulas to have been awarded the V.O.H.C. (The Veterinary Oral Health Council) Seal of Approval for helping reduce the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Just keep in mind this is no guarantee for the overall nutritional quality of this food.

    Feline Healthy Mouth by Healthy Pet Solutions

    Buy it at www.amazon.com

    Healthy Mouth by Healthy Pet Solutions is a line of herbal-based dental supplements. These include capsules, shown in the picture here, as well as a water additive and gels. The water additive and gels have received the V.O.H.C. (The Veterinary Oral Health Council) Seal of Approval for plaque control.

    The ingredients in all of the Healthy Mouth products are human-grade herbal supplements. They contain no alcohol and no artificial additives.

    Plaque Off for Cats

    Buy it at www.amazon.com

    Plaque Off is a seaweed-based herbal supplement for cats made by a Swedish company called ProDen. The algae, Ascophyllum Nodosum, contain a special enzyme which is meant to help break down plaque. Less plaque means less tartar and healthier teeth and gums.

    The supplement comes in powder form, to be added to either dry or wet food on a daily basis. Dosages vary according to the cat's weight.

    This supplement is not recommended for cats with hyperthyroidism, due to the high iodine content in seaweed.

    C.E.T. Toothpaste

    Buy it at www.amazon.com

    C.E.T. has a line of pet toothpastes in various flavors. They're all based on the same formula which contains two types of enzymes. The enzymes break down the layer of plaque as it forms on the cat's teeth.

    While some people rely on the enzymatic system and merely smear the paste on the cat's teeth and gums, it's probably not as effective as actual brushing the teeth. Find which C.E.T. flavor your cat likes best and then use that to gradually get her used to having her teeth gently brushed with it. Read more about how to brush your cat's teeth here.

    Biotene Veterinarian Drinking Water Additive

    Buy it at www.amazon.com

    The Biotene water additive is a flavorless and odorless solution containing various enzymes that are supposed to break down plaque. It contains the lactoperoxidase enzyme system, lysozyme, lactoferrin, and other enzymes.

    Amazon reviewers seem to love this product. Cats don't notice it when added to the water (which is quite an achievement, considering their heightened sense of smell!) and owners report improved dental health. That said, I could find no studies relating to its effectiveness, nor is it endorsed by the V.O.H.C. (The Veterinary Oral Health Council).

    Raw Chicken Wings and Necks

    Buy it at www.amazon.com

    Undoubtedly, feeding raw goes way beyond dental health. If you're interested in raw food for cats, you definitely should visit our Raw Nutrition for Cats forum to learn the ins and outs of how to properly feed raw to cats.

    That said, a growing number of TCS members use raw meat, including bones, to keep their cats' teeth and gums in good condition. The idea is to provide your cats with uncooked meat and bones for them to tear through, allowing the friction to remove plaque from their teeth.

    Chicken wings seem to be a popular choice. It's recommended that you use only the smaller tips of the wings, as these contain smaller bones that are easier to get through. Again, please do consult the forums for more information.

    Gauze Pads

    Buy it at www.amazon.com

    As mentioned above, many members have had trouble brushing their cat's teeth using toothbrushes, even the smaller ones that are specifically made for cats.

    A good substitute for a brush is the humble gauze pad. It's gentle enough on the gums and teeth, yet strong and textured enough to remove plaque.

    Some members use Q-tips for the same purpose, allowing for more fine-tuned action. Either way, these are cheap household items that are readily available and can be used in conjunction with the C.E.T. toothpaste or other pet pastes and gels.

    Comments? Leave them using the form below. Questions about your cat? Post them in the cat forums.

    The forums are the only place where you can get quick answers to your cat-related questions. Please do not use the comments section to ask questions about your cat.

    Comments? Leave them using the form below. Questions about your cat? Post them in the cat forums.

    The forums are the only place where you can get quick answers to your cat-related questions. Please do not use the comments section to ask questions about your cat.

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  1. kate baxter
    Please note that if you can has thyroid issues don't give them this!
  2. deidrahall
    I started using the ProDen Plaque Off for both of my cats about 2 weeks ago.  I just mix it into their wet food.  So far so good.  No adverse effects or issues.  I will keep everyone posted as far as results go within the next couple of weeks.  The maker says it can take up to 8 weeks to see results.
  3. mservant
    Mouse has a strict diet of prescription t/d food only, with up to 6 freeze dried 100% white fish snacks a day, plus enzyme  tooth brushing twice daily, am and pm.  He was introduced to the paste by his licking off my finger, building up to having his teeth finger - brushed once daily and licking paste off the brush for the second.  If the routine isn't followed, even for one day, there is an obvious build up of plaque so I'm in no doubt it helps him.  He comes running for 'tooth-time' and lets me know if I forget, like he would for any treat. He loves the t/d biscuits and as they're large they work well for active feeding sessions: Mouse likes them thrown so he can catch and chase them around before crunching in. They do leave a lot of crumbs.  I try to increase his protein intake with the treats due to t/d being higher in carb's than I'd like. He'll be 3 in February and so far not needed additional dental cleaning and has kept all his teeth.  For the level of oral lesions he had earlier in his life this is a huge relief for me.  He also appears to be in excellent physical condition according to his vet and various cat show judges so the food can't be too bad!
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