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9 Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Make Any Cat Lover Happy

Jan 13, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    Valentine's Day is right around the corner! Now's the time to figure out how to remind someone special just how much you love them. When love is in the air, we think about cats, of course! Nothing says "love" more than a fluffy purring kitty

    Still in the books department, fans of the comics genre are going to purr along to Here Comes Valentine Cat! This is a funny and heartwarming adventure where the aptly named Cat turns from a Valentine's Day grinch into a generous cupid, kind enough to show love even towards his silly neighbor, Dog.

    Looking for something other than a book, but still intellectual? How about this Valentine's Day Cats Jigsaw Puzzle?

    Love is in the air! And on the bed, floor, carpet and chairs! Playful cat lovers who enjoy puzzles will be rewarded with cats of all colors celebrating Valentine's Day in style. Once they finish putting together all 500 pieces, that is!

    Of course, no one said that Valentine's Day gifts should be intellectual. Some might even say the opposite is true. For a neutral approach, how about a coffee mug?

    Would you say that this "Show Me Your Kitties" mug is provocative? Isn't asking to see one's cats perfectly legitimate? Still, consider whom you're giving this to and make sure they do actually own cats.

    This lovey-dovey feline-themed shower curtain is in fact quite stylish, in black, white & red. This gift makes a statement about love and cats in a very elegant way!

    Enough of books, puzzles and shower curtains. Let's get back to the classics and talk about plush toys. The ones that take on the form of fluffy cats, of course. Starting with this classic Garfield Beanie Baby - the Romantic Version -

    Your valentine will surely smile when he or she unwraps this gift to find Garfield wearing his PJ's, heart-shaped sunglasses and dopey smile.

    You can definitely go overboard with the plush cat toys concept. If Garfield would make anyone smile, this pink kitty will probably make your valentine laugh out loud (or possibly run away in horror - no guarantees here!)

    This collectible item sings out loud while batting its eyelashes and wagging her white furry tail. And yes, that heart-shaped pillow lights up, of course! There's only one available for sale - fortunately, some would add - so if this happens to be what you're looking for, hurry up and click here.

    If one plush cat toy isn't enough, how about a gift basket with two plush kitties?

    Two pink cats hugging and some candy to boot! You just can't go wrong there! And for anyone who might not get it, the candy actually spells out: l-o-v-e.

    In fact, you can never go wrong with candy or more specifically, chocolate, so wrapping up this list is a small and sweet item:

    A handmade chocolate cat pop with a red heart. Perfect on its own, as a small token of your love and appreciation, or as part of a larger gift.

    Your turn now, which of these would you give or prefer to receive for Valentine's Day? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and don't forget to share this on Facebook and Twitter. Who knows, maybe one of your friends will pick up one of these and be your valentine?

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  1. 2Cats4everLoved
    Love the shower curtain too.  Cute stuff.  LOL @Tarasgirl06 - I won't eat anything shaped like a cat either. LOL
  2. artiemom
    love the shower curtain!!   and Garfield!
  3. maureen brad
    I want that shower curtain!
  4. tarasgirl06
    There is NO WAY I would ever eat anything shaped like a cat. <3 ;) But all of these are great -- we'd like one of each, please! And a pink and red cat book co-authored by JAMES DEAN?  PLEASE! 
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