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36 Top Cats On Twitter That You Have To Check Out

Aug 30, 2016 · Updated Sep 29, 2016 · ·
  1. Anne
    Time to introduce the Cats Of Twitter!

    This list includes 36 famous Twitter cats that have at least 10,000 followers each. Yes, that's right, at least ten thousand people - a community the size of a small town - choose to keep up with these kitties' antics on a daily - sometimes hourly - basis.

    In case you're wondering what Twitter is anyway...

    Twitter is a social media network of a unique nature: Messages are limited to 144 characters. These bursts of dispersed energy are just perfect for cats, so it's little wonder that felines took this social network by storm.There are many accounts belonging to cats, some of whom are real-world celebrities! Sometimes the voice behind the account is that of the cat. Other times, it's the owner recounting his or her kitty's adventures. Either way, it's lots of fun!

    If you're on Twitter you should definitely follow these cats and see for yourself why they're so awesome! Don't forget to follow @TheCatSite as well!

    Not on Twitter yet? What are you waiting for? Just visit Twitter.com and create your own account. You can use it to follow these cats and tweet about your own cats too.

    Without further ado, here's our list of 36 cats with more than 10,000 followers on Twitter which you should be following as well!

    ** Update **

    Even more kitties! Do you know of any other cats who had more than 10K followers during the summer of 2016? Let us know in a comment or on Twitter!

    We'll be adding them right here! And what about cats who reach that point later on? Let us know and they'll be included in the 2017 list!

    First on our list of recent finds -

    Coco-Mau Aqua

    An uber stylish Manhattan cat who's a self-proclaimed fashion designer. This snazzy Sphynx is always dressed to the teeth (and claws!) and you can follow her savvy big city fashion advice or just to see what her cat friends are up to.

    Follow on Twitter: @Petmonarchy

    ** End of Update Section **

    The 36 Top Cats On Twitter

    Cookie notsofat Cat


    This English self-proclaimed "lady cat" says she is allergic to exercise and always hungry. She also complains that her sister Muffin and her humans aren't too bright and doesn't mind sharing these opinions in her tweets.

    Follow on Twitter: @Cookiefatcat

    Pudge the Cat


    Pudge is an Exotic Shorthair calico cat with a white mustache drawn over her face. She's a celebrity cat who shares her red carpet experience (and naps too) on her Twitter account.

    Follow on Twitter: @PudgeTheKitten

    Mo: Good/Bad/Ugly


    Mo tweets from Silicon Valley in California about sports, politics and his life as a cat. This friendly tuxedo cat follows many other Twitter cats and retweets them often.

    Follow on Twitter: @MightyMolasses



    Star of Sherlock Herms Purranormal Mysteries™, Herman is a real cat living in Michigan and tweeting about his own life as well as the lives of other cats.

    Follow on Twitter: @TattleCat

    LT Thor & Crew


    Thor the cat lives in Virginia and tweets lots of pictures of himself and the other cats in his household. Sabine is in the picture with him, with the other household kitties being Jadzia, Maggie, Rey & Glenn.

    Follow on Twitter: @ThorSelfies

    Toby_Cat's Posse


    Toby himself crossed over the rainbow bridge last year but his buddies Charlie, Keke and Fiddy the Maine Coon carry on tweeting from his account sharing cat pics, videos and insights.

    Follow on Twitter: @Toby_Cat



    Otto was rescued and adopted back in 2013 and has been tweeting since 2014. He's a nervous cat and not very trusting but his human assures us he is very loved - and that's all that really matters!

    Follow on Twitter: @Ottogingerboy



    If you like catspeak, you'll love Maine Coon diva Pandora who constantly tweets about her life and her feline Twitter friends.

    Follow on Twitter: @Pandafur

    Morris the Cat


    The famous 9Lives mascot may be the world's most famous feline, but says he still steps into his litter box one leg at a time. He tweets about his life as a celebrity, cats and the 9Lives brand.

    Follow on Twitter: @MorrisApproved

    Emmy the Cat


    Emmy is a black & white cat from London who tweets about life with her sisters - Heidi and Wee Sharon - and the foster cats that share their home.

    Follow on Twitter: @EmmytheCat

    Bandit Torpedo


    A Minneapolis tabby tweeting about life and cats and his life as a cat. If you're in need of tabby awesomeness, Bandit will supply it and add gorgeous selfies too.


    Brian Terry Frum


    This brown and gray tabby fights the good fight for cat welfare in his Twitter feed. He shares news from his own home - which he shares with 6 feline sisters and 2 humans - as well as the latest cat issues in the world.

    Follow on Twitter: @Brian106sc

    Moet the Blind Cat


    This white Persian kitty living in Muscat, Oman, went blind due to neglect but was rescued & found a loving forever home from where she blogs, youtubes and tweets.

    Follow on Twitter: @MoetBlindCat



    A ginger & white tom cat who tweets about his life with three other kitties - Jack, Millie and Smurge. They share their home in England with the human staff and six noisy chickens!

    Follow on Twitter: @OliverTomCat

    Boris Kitty


    Boris Kitty talks about his daily life and retweets anything that captures his attention, cat-related or not. He tweets in catspeak, so mere humans need to put in some effort to decipher his tweets.

    Follow on Twitter: @BorisKitty

    Colonel Meow


    A Hollywood professional - at least according to his profile description - Colonel Meow provides the world with pictures, clips and clever tweets. With a face like this, how could anyone not follow this cat?

    Follow on Twitter: @colonel_meow

    Larry The Cat


    Larry is a celebrity cat who was adopted from the Battersea shelter into the British Prime Minister's home at 10 Downing Street. He now helps with fundraising for the kitties that are still at the shelter.

    Follow on Twitter: @DowningStCat

    Tiny Pearl


    This Camano Island, WA smart polydactyl kitty and self-confessed catnip dealer celebrates with her feline friends in her Twitter feed. It's always a party in there!

    Follow on Twitter: @TinyPearlCat



    Homer is the protagonist of Gwen Cooper's bestselling novel Homer's Odyssey where she shares with the world what this black blind cat taught her about love and life.

    Follow on Twitter: @HomerBlindCat

    Tuffy the Cat


    Tuffy the Siamese mix offers a daily dose of flame-point cuteness in pictures of himself and his buddies. This CoCal resident likes rattle mice & string-on-a-stick and you can see that in his photos too.

    Follow on Twitter: @TuffyCat

    Hamilton Hipster Cat


    Ever see a cat that has a mustache as well as whiskers? Hamilton does! This gorgeous blue and white cat from California is a star on Twitter and IRL too.

    Follow on Twitter: @TheMustacheCat



    Hugo is a tuxedo rescue cat living in Germany who's been on Twitter since October 2013. He is well-connected with other Twitter kitties and loves retweeting their messages to the universe.

    Follow on Twitter: @hugo4de

    NoHair Atall


    A couple of witty Sphynx kitties split this Twitter profile and they share jokes, quotes, news and pictures in their active and constantly-updated feed.

    Follow on Twitter: @SphynxAll

    Romeo the Cat


    Romeo is a Persian cat from Ohio who was rescued not once but twice and now helps raise funds for animals in need through his blog and social media.

    Follow on Twitter: @Romeothecat

    Bucky Kat


    Bucky says he uses his newly-grown opposable thumbs to tweet a stream of photos (selfies) of himself around the house, just showing him busy being a cat.

    Follow on Twitter: @TheCatTweeting

    Master Killer Cat


    Much sweeter than his username suggests, Master is a loving brother to Peppino and the other pets in his Swiss home.

    Follow on Twitter: @masterkillercat

    Henri, Le Chat Noir


    Henri's profile page says he's melancholic, or in his terms "filled with ennui" but his tweets are full of life and will most likely will make you smile.

    Follow on Twitter: @HenriLeChatNoir

    Storm The Cat


    A Utah Storm, this kitty is all about sharing the love. Hashtag #Selfies4Storm is used to collect great cat photos from all over Twitter (and Facebook too) to share on Storm's account.

    Follow on Twitter: @Selfies4Storm

    Choupette Lagerfeld


    If you need some Parisian chic in your Twitter feed, check out the pampered Choupette Lagerfeld. She belongs to fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld so her tweets come directly from the catwalk. Ooh-la-la!

    Follow on Twitter: @ChoupettesDiary

    Cat Food Breath


    This huge colorpoint Kitty has a lively Twitter feed with pearls of cat wisdom, funny quips and wittingly-captioned cat photos. He calls his humans Thing One and Thing Two and they are the butt of many of his jokes!

    Follow on Twitter: @CatFoodBreath

    Deanie Houdini


    Tweeting from Minnesota, the handsome Deaner, aka Deanie Houdini, shares funny stories and pictures about his life in a multi-cat household.

    Follow on Twitter: @ItsMeDeaner

    Lil BUB


    Carrying the flag of caring for special needs cats, Lil Bub is also a self-confessed rock'n'roll kitty. By following her you can be sure of getting constant updates about this adorable little rock star, including some really cute photos of her.

    Follow on Twitter: @IAMLILBUB

    StreetCat Bob


    The famous street cat that was the pivot of the Cinderella story in James Bowen's book "A Street Cat Named Bob" has his own Twitter account where he promotes the book and offers tidbits from his life.

    Follow on Twitter: @StreetCatBob

    Why my cat is sad


    The Bear is a cute black cat from the UK that seems to hold all the world's problems in his eyes. He's 20 years old so maybe he just understands too much. His tweets are funny though, so check him out.

    Follow on Twitter: @MYSADCAT

    Grumpy Cat


    Even if you don't know most of the other cats on this list, you probably know Tardar Sauce aka Grumpy cat. Follow her Twitter account for a constant supply of her grim judgy face.

    Follow on Twitter: @RealGrumpyCat



    Yes, his followers' count is in the millions. Sockington - aka Sockamillion - is a Twitter legend. Jason Scott's cat started tweeting back in 2007 and changed the face of social media forever. You can even read about him in his own Wikipedia entry.

    Follow on Twitter: @sockington

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  1. spiritkitty
    Wow, I've been missing out not being on twitter.
  2. tarasgirl06
    Yeah, every one of these felines is a major star!  I follow quite a few of them and well, since I've never met, heard of, imagined, or thought of a cat I didn't love, it's safe to say I love all of these cats! 
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