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21 Dressed-up Cats That Will Make You Laugh This Halloween

Oct 14, 2015 · ·
  1. Anne
    We've had our fair share of all kinds of cat costumes at TheCatSite over the years and it's time to bring together some of the best ones for a special TCS Halloween Costume Parade for cats! No cats were harmed during the creation of this list - all in pure fun! If you're considering dressing up your own cat please read this first -
    How To Safely Dress-Up Your Cat For Halloween

    1. The allicator -

    "I'm inside the mouth of a... what?!?!"

    2. The Bumblebee Cat

    "Human, I purr therefore I buzz."

    3. The ladybug kitty

    "Ladybugs don't bite? Well, watch your hand there because I've got some news for you."

    4. The scary-furry shark cat

    "At least I'm not dressed up as a tuna fish this year"

    5. The Feline Zebra

    "I don't know, I think the tabby stripes should be enough, don't you?"

    6. A Mighty lioncat

    "Hold on, let me put on my scary face... There we go... Scared now?"

    7. An amoosingly feline cow

    "I'm the cow? That's because I'm black and white, right? So what's the black cat going to be?"

    8. A genuine lobspurr

    "First a shark, now a lobster? Anyone seeing a theme coming up here?"

    9. The cute dinosaur

    "So, do I purr or meow, or howl or what? What kind of noise did dinosaurs make anyway?"

    10. The T-Rex

    "Fear the T-Purrx!"

    11. The furmonster

    "I already have the fur to be a monster, does it really have to be pink?"

    12. The mouse

    "Is this even legal? I'm going to report this to the Global Cat Council, you know."

    13. Jack Spawrrow - The Purrate of the Caribbeans

    "Yaaar! Shiver me whiskers!"

    14. Count Purrcula

    "Are you sure all black cats must celebrate Halloween? The shelter people really told you that?"

    15. Lucifur

    "What do you mean my ears are too big? They're horns, woman, horns!!"

    16. The cat skeleton

    "Look at me! I gotta put on some weight - give me some treats right now!"

    17. The sorcefur

    "I'm orange, the costume is black. All set for Halloween!"

    18. The Wickat Witch of the west

    "Look into my eyes... I'm putting the tuna-giving spell on you right now..."

    19. The Halloween purrnkster

    "Treat or trick? Because if I don't get a treat, the trick is going to be in your new shoes tonight."

    20. The pawmpkin

    "Does all that orange bring out the green in my eyes?"

    21. And one more pawmpkin! Happy Halloween everyone!

    "So, I'm supposed to wave to the neighbors as part of the Halloween decor?"

    Have you enjoyed watching the parade go by? Then share this with your friends!

    Do you want to take cute pictures of your cats wearing a costume? Read How To Safely Dress Up Your Cat For Halloween.

    Don't forget to keep your cats safe on Halloween and enjoy the holiday!

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  1. angels mommy
    Do we have a Halloween cats thread for this year yet?
  2. angels mommy
    So cute! Love the captions!
  3. di and bob
    One thing they all have in common, they all look absolutely disgusted to be wearing a costume!!
      mazie purraised this.
  4. mazie
    How adorable they all are!!! How in the world do you cat parents get them to wear those costumes? I know Katy would never stand for it!
  5. raysmyheart
    I LOVE these precious photos and I LOVE the captions which give me a good laugh!  This is great, thank you for putting this together!
      angels mommy and PushPurrCatPaws purraised this.
  6. kittylove53
    Thank all of you for posting these precious pics. They are all wonderful ,and bring out the reason we all love our kitties. They really  made me laugh and I enjoyed them all.
  7. leen and alice
    lol adorable!
  8. cassiopea
    Hahahahaha! Oh my!
  9. seline
    😂😂very funny pictures!!!
  10. nurseangel
    So cute.  I even recognize some of the cats!
  11. cats and birds
    My Luna would love this (no I am not being sarcastic). She really does like stuff like this.
  12. 9happycats
    Right....they all look like they're really enjoying it. How demeaning. Hope they all get back at their humans with a carefully thought out and placed "accident" at the worst possible time. Let's see who laughs at that....
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