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11 Bathroom Items That Celebrate Life With Cats

Aug 2, 2017 · ·
  1. Anne
    As cat lovers we want to be constantly reminded of the graceful felines that share our lives. Introducing a feline theme into your home decor is a great way to achieve that so why not give it a whirl in the bathroom too? Choose one of these cool items and add some cat style to your personal hygiene routine. Or get them all and enjoy the look on your guests' faces when they come out of the bathroom!

    Colorful Cats Shower Curtain

    The shower curtain is one of the most prominent decorative elements in your bathroom so why not make the most of that canvas and put some cats on it?
    shower curtain.jpg
    Click to buy this shower curtain on Amazon

    A black cat bath foam rug

    This slip-resistant durable rug is super practical. It keeps mold and mildew at bay keeping you healthy and safe while adding an elegant black kitty, a-la Chance Noir.
    Click to buy this cat bath rug on Amazon

    Kitty toilet cover

    Moving on to the most important part of your bathroom - the toilets! These affordable peel-and-stick decals instantly add a dozen cats to your toilet seat. Minimal effort for maximum "cat effect!"
    Click to buy the toilet cover decals on Amazon

    Cat toilet brush holder

    The toilet brush in your bathroom doesn't have to be "eeky". Decorated with pink roses, this adorable white cat is simply purrfect for a feminine-themed bathroom.
    Click to buy the cat toilet brush holder on Amazon

    Black cat toilet paper holder

    You and your guests will enjoy the smile of this friendly black kitty. It offers a practical setup with storage space for an additional roll so that no one ever gets stuck looking for more paper.
    Click to buy the cat toilet paper holder on Amazon

    Cat tissue paper holder

    If you need a cute and eco-friendly way to offer your guests tissue paper, this gray tabby will be happy to help out. It's a paper mache work of art that's made entirely of recycled paper that you can use anywhere around your home - bathroom included.
    Click to buy the cat tissue paper holder on Amazon

    Cat Soap Dispenser

    Add an unique touch to your bathroom decor with this limited-edition hand-painted dispenser designed by artist Michelle Allen. It holds approximately 8 oz of soap, lotion, or sanitizer and will send a clear message to whoever is using here: We love cats in this household.
    Click to buy this cat soap dispenser on Amazon

    Cool cat soap dish

    If you prefer to use solid soaps consider this elegant handcrafted and hand-finished aluminum cat. It's large enough to hold more than just soap. Use it for cotton balls or any other small item that you need to store in your bathroom in plain sight.
    Click to buy this cat soap dish on Amazon

    Shea Butter Cat Shaped Soap

    Speaking of soap, why not go all the way and place cat-shaped soap in your bathroom? This awesome set of shea butter soaps offers three sculpted kittens in black, white and gold pearl, individually boxed. You can use them all, or offer a couple of them as gifts to your cat loving friends.
    Click to buy this Cat Shaped Soap on Amazon

    Kitty toothbrush holder

    This cat will constantly remind you why you should brush your teeth diligently: For that big smile! Its cute "Dr. Seuss" design will appeal to children and adults alike.
    Click to buy the Kitty toothbrush holder on Amazon

    Cat-themed towels

    Finally, perhaps the easiest way to add a feline element to your bathroom is by adding towels. These gorgeous white towels carry a design of two black cats, their tail making a romantic heart.
    Click to buy the cat-themed towels on Amazon

    What about you? Do you have any cat-themed items in your bathroom? Let us know in a comment below if you do, or just share with us which of these items you like best. Don't forget to share the guide with your friends too - but only if they love cats as much as you do!

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  1. Merlin77
    Toilet seat might be too much but I do like the towels. Cute!
  2. tarasgirl06
    We have two bathrooms. One has a seashore theme, and the other has a blue theme. But in each, there are small cat additions: towels with cat designs, a vintage Avon perfume bottle in the image of a black cat, a cat-shaped lightswitch protector, and who could forget the ubiquitous litter boxes? ;)
  3. raysmyheart
    I love all of them, especially the shower curtain, toilet tissue holder and the soap, too!
      Anne purraised this.
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