You know you have some good friends when...


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Jul 4, 2018
...instead of discouraging you from trying something that is near impossible... they ask how they can help - and find ways to help.

How do you know you have some really good friends? Tell us a story.


There is a running joke since Mia passed that I was going to find a time machine and find a way to help her. The reaction I got wasn't what I expected. Not one of my good friends tried to walk me off that ledge. Instead the reaction "Okay, let's do this." One has written 32 pages of theoretical math that I'd say pretty good. (I helped at bit but I'm not as good as they are at putting the language together to make sense.)

The two others reactions were "If anyone can find a way, you can. How can we help?"

I'd say on a scale of hitting the jackpot on friends. I've hit it.

Instead of trying to pull me out of the mud, or trying to take me out of the rabbit hole I was going down - they jumped right in there with me.:hugs:

They remind me of this scene from "The Town": When they talk about whose cr they are going to take. For those who haven't seen that Ben Affleck movie. Go to youtube and look up "The Town - Whose car are we gonna take?" I feel blessed.

In times of trouble / sorrow etc you really do find out who your friends are.
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Dec 22, 2005
In times of trouble / sorrow etc you really do find out who your friends are.
That's exactly right. :agree:

A good friend doesn't have to ask you if they can help, they just step in and do it. When my parents were elderly and we had to move them I didn't have anyone to take care of our children who were too young to stay home alone. A close friend stepped in and took both of them along with her own children for not one but two days. She didn't expect anything in return but when she was diagnosed twice with cancer I gladly returned the favor because as the Dionne Warwick song goes, "that's what friends are for."