What does my cat look like?

Caspers Human

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Feb 23, 2016
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Black cats are rarely all black.

Many that people call "black" are actually deep brown in color and those that are black often appear to have tan or brown patches when seen in bright light.

This is especially true of older cats. Most black cats start to turn reddish brown as they age. By the time they get to be about ten years old, they might not even look black anymore. The chest and mane areas of males are usually the first to turn.

Casper's Girl-Human had an all-black cat when she lived with her parents, named "Q." He is still living, BTW. Her mom takes care of Q, now. He is about twelve years old. He was almost jet black when he was young but, now, Q is almost red when he sits in the sun.

Your cat looks like a younger, female version of Q. She's got medium length hair the same as he does. She is ostensibly black with reddish brown areas just like Q.

I'd say that you have a very nice looking black domestic. :)

Does she have an attitude? Q has a real attitude. That's why he was named "Q."... Just like the Q on Star Trek. ;)


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Jul 28, 2014
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In the photos its hard to tell if she is medium hair or short hair. If she has long tufts of fur on her paws then she is a longhair.