What breed you think he is???

Dexter's Lab

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Feb 23, 2021
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Ok, so my wife brought to my attention that Dexter 1 of our 2 beloved cats resembles a Turkish Van. Doing a little research and looking at pictures I can see what she means, but I am by far a cat expert. With that being said...we did get him from a shelter that one of her friends work at, so at first site my wife wanted him and got him at 8 weeks old.

Six months later he looks like this (see pics). He is very loving and playful. He actually fetches and use his paws a lot to catch his little plush mouse toys if you throw it at him. He is some what slim and long....and has a noticeable hump when he sits... just to describe a few things. Please someone let me know if u can tell with what was described and photos. Very curious to know. Next step is a DNA test...

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Mar 8, 2018
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Dexter is a lovely cat!

I would describe him as a blue and white domestic longhair, since it looks like his spots are dark gray (rather than black). Blue is the official term for gray in cats. You could describe his markings as "van pattern" since he is mostly white, with spots only on his head and tail.

Van pattern markings are named after the Turkish Van, but this doesn't mean that a cat with van pattern is related to the Turkish Van breed. The same gene called "white spotting" is responsible for most white markings in cats, including cats with just a little bit of white ("tuxedo"), cats with a medium amount of white (bicolor), and cats with a lot of white (van pattern). Cats with one copy of the white spotting gene typically have a small amount of white; cats with two copies typically have a lot of white. Dexter's markings tell us that he probably inherited white spotting from both his father and mother, so we can guess that his parents would have both had some white on them.

Most cats are not any particular breed, and are also not "mixed" with any breed, unlike dogs. That doesn't make Dexter any less handsome or special, however! Domestic longhairs are great cats in their own right :)

Your other post mentioned DNA testing. There are two DNA ancestry tests available at this time. There is some detailed information in another post, here: Help! What breed do you think my kitty is