what are some things that you are very passionate about?


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Mar 10, 2018
The TV show Castle, my animals, mental health awareness, autism awareness, pro-science (including being very pro-vaccination and legitimate evidence-based research), animal rights, human rights, women's rights, basically a lot of political stuff. Other non-political stuff: maps, cartography, GIS, geography, trivia, knowledge in general, books, reading, writing.


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Sep 6, 2018
NE Ohio
The Political:
Prison reform
Prisoner advocacy
Women's Right/ Reproductive Rights
Civil/Human Rights
Disability advocacy/ Mental Health Awareness
Education (more political than one would think)
Helping cats
Police accountability
Domestic Violence
Religious intolerance

Outside the realm of the political:
Pre-1920s literature
"The Scarlet Letter" (My passion goes beyond the general "literature" heading.)
My family
Old homes
Literary theory and criticism (My academic background is in theory and criticism)
Board games
Some fandoms
Mythology and comparative religions

Oh, and because I got myself all worked up just typing this list, I am compelled to leave this video here in case anyone wants to watch it. (I think everyone should, but I cannot make you do it! Haha! Really, just watch everything you can with Stella in it. She was an amazing advocate and person.)


sweet jane flash

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Jul 21, 2019
I am very passionate about the elderly being respected. I think this is the only country (excepting native Indians) where the elderly are not revered for their infinite wisdom.🙏
I also am passionate about women's rights, women still only make 74 cents for every dollar a man makes! (I know, it's unbelievable.)
Also the younger generation does not seem to be reading much, except for their iphone chats. (Well, that is better than nothing.)
Dancing (and physical fitness) is high on my list too. It is so important to get the heart rate up for as least 30 minutes a day. Even if one is wheelchair bound, there are plenty of aerobic exercises one can do. (One can find a ton of them on you tube.)
I love animals, of course, and like to donate to my local shelter as often as possible.
Continuing education is a favorite of mine and should be so of others~it is so much fun! Taking a class on something you don't know is great too!
Scenery and protection of our planet is necessary for a good life. Global warming is real.
Showing affection and kindness, being considerate of what someone else may be going through is so important. We all have days where even a smile from someone else can be supportive.
I am passionate,too, about conversation. It seems like the art of conversation is being lost~most everybody is joined at the hip with their iphones. Even when you go out to dinner (at least before the pandemic) the young are sitting across from their friends or family with iphone in hand. The more wise aged of course are enjoying the conversation of those they chose to spend actual time with.
Art and the ability for public access to it is so important. Museums are great for that but those people who purchase outlandishly expensive "old master's" for their own private collection then deny the ability for anyone else to enjoy it.
Every day we wait for one thing or another. More time could be spent using it wisely.🌷:silver:💘


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Sep 17, 2020
Well my passions lie with Animal Welfare, Nature and visiting beautiful places (would love to go back to Alaska), Brain/Strategy games.

My faith is being rekindled, so is my passion for exercise, I am trying to eat healthier ( and very interested in healthy supplements and all things health).

I do wish this was a kinder world. I am passionate about speaking out against injustices and things that are detrimental to our society. I am very Anti-drugs and wish there was more programs out there to help those who are trapped in addictions. I wish we could do more for the homeless. When I had the money I gave to many charities religious and non religious that help people and those that helped animals. I was a part of a FB group where we helped each other. Some members were struggling, so I donated food or money to them to take care of their colonies. As an caretaker of cats, I know what it was like to struggle, so when I had a little something, I gave back.

I always think of the ancient Greeks when a fellow countryman died. They asked one question, "Did he have passion? Passion breeds legacy. What do you leave behind so others can see you had passion and wanted to make the world a better place? I think of this quite often. 🙂
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Maria Bayote

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Jan 15, 2018
I am into animal rescue and feeding homeless cats/dogs, and it sometimes frustrates me due to very limited finances.

I am also passionate about helping the elderly. When I was in college me and my friends would visit the elderly homes and bring food and songs and shows. It was always a warm feeling seeing them smile.