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Hello and Welcome to the Bottle Babies forum!

This forum is hosted by author Dusty Rainbolt - an expert on cat and kitten rescue! Dusty is the author of several books, including the very recently released Kittens for Dummies. She also writes cat articles for City & Country Pets, Whole Cat Journal and Catnip publications. Dusty is also the winner of the Purina Cat Chow Nutrition Award. She has been involved in cat rescue since 1986 and cared for her first bottle-baby in 1990.

So many of us have been in this situation... A weak cry for help from a bush, sometimes so faint that it takes the ears of a cat lover to detect... And minutes later you find yourself entrusted with a tiny helpless creature, sometimes barely a few days or even hours old.

Caring for these fragile orphaned kittens is a huge challenge. Mortality rates of orphaned newborn kittens are extremely high - helping such a kitten survive is indeed a remarkable accomplishment. Even if you are willing to commit your days and nights to round-the-clock care, you need to be very knowledgeable to even have a chance of success.

So now, well in advance of kitten season, we urge you to join our discussions, learn from Dusty's experience and knowledge, and share yours with others.

I wish to thank Dusty for agreeing to spend some of her valuable time with us and I hope this will be a learning experience for us all.

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Also on a side note. After the end of the forum there will be a contest where the members must answer questions that Dusty comes up with correctly.

Those who answer correctly will enter into the draw for a copy of her new book Kittens For Dummies- an excellent read!