Welactin Omega 3 & Nutramax Dasuquin 84 count?


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Jun 9, 2019
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Hi, Our new vet saw our older 12-13 yr old girl tonite (for 1st time ever to this new vet as was kinda emergency due to severe limp past few days) due to limping this wk alot. My regular all-cat vet was too busy & has no appt til next Thurs. So couldn't wait. So new vet said she took an SDMA kidney test marker to check kidney function. It was ok & so thus normal.

I always worry in unknown age cat w/ prior hist of hyperthyroidism treated w/ I-131 in Apr '12, etc. of declining possible kidney function w/ age.

But I'll need yet to get all the full bld panel (BUN & creatinine -- my always worries) results after lab sends them to vet in Sat morn. Will report here asap. So these 2 supps were given to me by new vet, as my girl has a right hind leg prob or poss. arthritis? Unsure exactly the cause/diagnosis exactly & will ask vet in morn. Just wanted to blip this out asap, overnite to u experts, LOL:)

Ok, anyone have reports on these 2 supps for joint pain or whatnot? TY very much. ;)


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May 18, 2005
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Quite a few years ago my cat would keep holding up her paw like there was a problem with it and would occasionally limp. The vet started her on Dasuquin and it stopped. I did stop it once and the issue returned and stopped again when she started taking it again.