Vet said grain-free food is a waste?


TCS Member
Mar 16, 2024
When I decided to switch one of my cats over to an Over-the-Counter food after the other cat being put on a very expensive prescription diet (they had both been eating Urinary SO before), my vet mentioned that I should steer clear of grain free due to a possible link to a type of Cardiomyopathy. I, since, looked that up and saw that it was mostly linked to dogs, but the jury on cats was still out, and the author of that particular article did point to peas and legumes being the possible culprit.

Well, of course, I had already bought Houdini a Merrick dry low calorie food which happened to be Grain Free. I am currently feeding that, but went on a search for a low calorie not grain free food that also didn't have peas. Almost impossible to find. I did end up with an Iams that seems to fit the bill, so that is what I will be trying to change him over to as we finish the bag of Merrick.