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Hi Liz,

I actually have a genetics question and hope I don't embarrass myself asking this. I know so little about genetics. I have three kittens recently rescued, all looking remarkably similiar. They are now almost 6 months old and they do everything in sync with each other. Always together, getting in mischief together, sleeping together eating together. It is so strange, it is almost as if they are linked in the same way as identical twins. They don't have the same markings on their bodies, but is it possible they were delivered in the same birth sac? I didn't see their birth. Most kittens by this age are developing independent styles and leaving each other- but not these three

elizabeth a.

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More likely you're going to embarrass me!!!
I have no stats on identical twins, triplets, etc. in cats, but this is one possibility. If they are identical, then that would apply to behavioral traits too. Of course, we can't tease that apart from the influence of rearing either, although, as you say, individual traits should be asserting themselves by now to override the rearing influence.
It looks quite possible that they may be identical triplets.