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Jan 20, 2021
Hi everyone

I am moving to another country for good and I have to travel around 15 hours with my cat (5 hours flight + 10 hours in car total. My cat is 4 year old scottish fold with a flat-faced features and she will be next to me throughout the journey (in cabin during the flight). The vet gave acepromazine to ease her anxiety. Do you think it would be safe? I am skeptical about the drug but I am also very concerned bc she is a very anxious cat and never flied before. I don’t want to traumatize her

Unfortunately I have no other option for the travel route and obviously I cannot leave my cat behind because I am moving to another country for good and there is no one left in my city now. If you ever flied with flat-faced cats or with any other cat, all recommendations will be highly appreciated!


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Jun 21, 2014
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I agree that you should check to see if gabapentin can be used in place of acepromazine. It is debatable if ace actually reduces anxiety although it may give the animal the appearance of being sleepy or sedated. Conscious enough to still be scared is a possibility and that was the impression when I used it with my dogs years ago.

Check the airline that you will be using to see if there are restrictions for flatter faced pets even in the cabin. Some do restrict flying them at all.

Some airport security will take the cat out of the carrier, so be prepared for that and have a secure harness and leash. They do this so that the carrier can be checked.

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