The brownie debate


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Apr 30, 2005
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One time when I was baking sticky buns with my granddaughter, I told her that. We get first choice, since we did all the baking. She told me she likes the way I think. But she was baking with her other grandma after that and, when she told her other grandma what I said, she wasn't amused. She said that we shouldn't think like that. My granddaughter said, "Fine! I'm gonna go bake with Grandma P! I like the way she thinks!" My son called me and said that the other grandmother was not impressed at all.
Oh goodness gracious; thats a tad sassy but thats it. Honestly; I would have laughed and rolled my eyes. Its not like you were teaching her to not share at all. 😜 I know a few people who were raised super strict about always putting others first and they became doormats and used by boyfriends/bosses/etc. Balance is a good thing! 😉