The Animal Kingdom, living and extinct: A *Last Letter* game


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May 22, 2015
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Using the last letter of the previous poster's animal name to start your own word, post any animal from the Animal Kingdom, worldwide, either living and extinct.

(That's a pretty big topic, so it's possible we won't repeat animal names. However, if you do repeat an animal already mentioned, that's perfectly okay! Mammals, birds, insects, reptiles, birds, et cetera... the idea is to have fun! Also, sometimes an animal's name might have a descriptive word or two used alongside it, so doing that is okay, too. For variety as the game continues, you can use either common animal names or more scientific animal names. Many animal names depend upon their particular location in the world. The rules aren't too strict with this game! -Plants are not allowed, lol-)


-- Pterodactyl

-- (next poster) > Llama 🦙(you can also add in smilies :) )

-- (next poster) > African spurred tortoise

-- (next poster) > Elephant

and so on....​

First animal:

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