Sores on my kitten's upper lip


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Jul 5, 2020
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I have a 2.5 month old male kitten, he weighs 1.3 kg, has had his first vaccine a week ago.( He was found outside as a 1 month old kitten and we adopted him).
Yesterday I noticed 2 brownish sores on his upper lip. He has no other symptoms, no sneezing, no sores inside his mouth or tongue. The only other thing I can mention is he sometimes has brownish dry discharge around his nostrils, that looks like a collection of dust. I am feeding him carnilove kitten wet food and nutriplus paste for the past 1 month and a half, he is a very active, happy kitten, gaining weight as he should be.
I know that mouth/lip sores can be an indication of calicivirosis or herpesvirus, however him having no other symptoms is really throwing me off. Is it possible that he has a viral infection that is being activated by recent vaccination? Maybe it could be allergies to his bowl? I am quite lost, maybe some of you had experience with similar sores (after this weekend I will ask a vet these questions). Adding a picture of the sores


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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi. Do I see some dark spots on his chin, underneath his fur? If so, that could be feline acne, and that might also be what it is that is on his upper lip area. It could be caused by his bowls, especially if they are plastic or if they are not cleaned daily. Ceramic or stainless steel are much better to use, but even those should be cleaned at least once a day. I suppose it could be a reaction to his recent vaccinations, but I don't think these kinds of spots are a common-place reaction, as far as I am aware.

About the dry discharge from his nose, that could be totally unrelated since you think it looks somewhat like dust. Does he go outside or are there areas in the house where he might get into something that would look like dust or dirt?

Hopefully other members come along soon and offer their ideas/input!