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Random Heart Melting Photo Thread


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Jul 26, 2013
Sorry to confuse you guys but my Jekyll is actually a girl!
(I chose him as a boy but later found out he was a girl)!

I've gotten so use to calling him a boy I forget that he's not haha.


Don't believe everything you think.
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Mar 17, 2013
Kroger reminds me of my cat Zoe when she was a kitten.  We called her the vampire cat when her ears were straight up and her teeth were bared like Kroger's.  


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Mar 29, 2013

I posted this photo in the "Describing Cats" section of the forum but I figured I'd post it here too because I was told by others that he's very heart-melting lookin' This is Bagel, my new kitten.


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May 30, 2013
Ontario, Canada
Here is a picture of Morgana as an itty bitty baby:


Morgana a wee bit older:


Camelot and Morgana together. A father-daughter duo, Camelot is the Papa of Morgana, and he has been quite the doting parent. It is actually a bit of a long story - Morgana's mother was abandoned at our farm, in which we of course we adopted her as a barn cat where she enjoyed living with the horses. Before we had gotten her and Cam fixed they had a bit of a rendezvous, and 'Lo and behold, Morgana was later born in our living room at night after I brought the mom indoors knowing she was about to pop (She walked up to our house, and didn't want to leave her out in the dark). Sadly, her mother didn't survive the birth, having only the one kitten. Since then, I raised my Morgana since she was a newborn, so can't help but see her as like my child:

My two munchkins - Morgana and Camelot together when she reached adulthood (You can tell that we didn't need to go on the Maury Show for a DNA test!):

Rest assured, they both have been fixed :3 and both are full time indoor cats. Camelot was once partially outdoors during the day but decided to bring him in full time, and he is far from complaining, lol. Morgana was always an indoor cat, minus the one very short little visit outside in the pic above.
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