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Oct 25, 2020
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We can’t chose our families but we can chose our friends. You will find many others here who also empathize and know exactly how important the bond between you and the kitties. We also understand that you have the best thing that life can ever give. True Love.
Indeed, we can't chose them and we can't change others ideas and opinions, yet we are able to change ours, be more strong and in peace with ourselves. It is a hard process of pain, bad experiences, guilt, loss, love, and sadness, but it is not impossible. I still try to find my path and inner peace, still don't find it yet, but I'm keep trying. My cats gave me a true love and happiness that I found genuine, but loosing them doesn't mean the true love has vanished. As long as I'm living I'm still able to love them truly and still can feel their existence and love with me, It's spiritual rather than physical.It's eternal.