Important Please DO NOT START MULTIPLE THREADS In The Pregnant Cats And Kittens Forum

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May 18, 2005
We are entering Kitten season and this forum is starting to get busy. We have some great Advisors and some very knowledgeable members here at The Cat Site and they will all try their best to help you through your cat's pregnancy. Kitten season is tough on them and in order to give you the best advice, we ask you to please do the following:

Please start ONE thread about your cat.

If you have followup questions, please post in that thread. Do not start multiple threads. It is much easier to give advice to you if all of the information about your cat is in one place. You are also more likely to get advice if our members and Advisors don't have to search multiple threads to get information on your cat.

Please do not hijack the threads of other members.

If you want to talk about your cat, ask questions, etc., please do so in your own thread. It's OK to use your cat as an example in a thread ( Fluffy had her kittens at 65 days, etc.), but please do not ask questions about your cat or post pictures of your cat in another member's thread. The reasons for this are the same as above. It makes a thread much harder to follow and we want you to get the best information and help available and we would like to make this a bit easier on our Advisors and our other members.

Good luck to all of you for a healthy pregnancy. :vibes: :cross:

A HUGE, HUGE thank you to all that will give advice to others during this busy kitten season. The Cat Site wouldn't be what it is without you. :hugs:
Not open for further replies.