One very swollen cheek

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Nov 8, 2016
North New Jersey
So, I tried a few dozen different foods, blender, food processor, mortar and pestle... FINALLY found a way to get food to my little guy.

I guess blending the food with or without water does something to the flavor, he hates it. I had a tiny bit of luck mushing up BFF and Weruva pates, but he won't eat much of that stuff. Even baby food is a bit too chunky.

I tried forcing the fancy feast food through a sieve, it was better. So I tried a washable (air) dust filter.
I have to mash it up first, then the dust filter It takes a lot of muscle, and half the food goes to waste. But all the hard chunks of who-knows-what in purina food gets filtered out...

I still gotta give him the likable treats to get hit calorie intake is closer to what it was, and now he's getting some of the vitamins and amino acids he needs. He's not clawing at his mouth when he eats this filtered goop, no more bloody saliva after he eats so maybe the sensitive spots in his mouth even have opportunity to heal and he'll be more inclined to eat even more.

Fingers crossed this'll buy some more time before his health declines.