New Kitten...Tons of Questions


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May 15, 2005
Renton, WA

I just adopted a 6 week old bengal mix kitten. I have some questions...

1st: How do I know when to get her wormed?

2nd: Could it be possible for her to have fleas now, even though she's been indoors?

3rd: When should I get her nails clipped?

4th: When can she be bathed? And how?

5th: Any suggestions as to what kind of food/treats she should be receiving?

Someone, anyone (with knowledge of kittens), please help! My husband and I are new to all of this, and it's making us quite nervous. We want to be EXCELLENT to this kitten. Thanks SOOOOOOO much, in advance


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Dec 6, 2004
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Your kitten is very very young so she will need extra care and monitoring. If she has not had a vet check-up that is the first step, as he will know what wormer/deflea stuff is safe for her at that age. And all kittens have fleas and worms till they are treated. The vet will also recommend a good kitten food available near you to give her the extra nutrients she needs. I always give kittens a bowl of goat milk or kitten milk with an egg yolk beaten into it every couple of days - they love it and it helps build them up. But I am sure that a real expert will tell you much more. Good luck and enjoy your kitten. Please post some pix as soon as you can.


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May 13, 2005
Orlando Florida
Congrats on the new kitten.

My first advice to you as a new mom would be to take her to a vet for a wellness checkup. Your vet will probably deworm her, give her the first round of vaccines, clip her nails for you and assuming her weight is enough give you flea medication.

My second advice would be to make sure you schedule her for spaying.

Here are my answers to your specific questions, I hope it helps

She can actually be dewormed any time now

Yes, it is possible for her to have fleas even as an indoor kitten - it depends on the environment she came from - you can try combing them out

You can clip her nails at any time - just be very careful not to clip them too short - you want to avoid clipping the quick

Unless she is dirty you really don't need to bath her. If you bath her I would use a gentle pet shampoo - like an oatmeal shampoo - something that will be gentle on her skin. Excessive bathing can lead to skin problems.

My kittens eat Science Diet dry kitten food with a small amount of SophistaCat Supreme Kitten canned food 2x a day - The canned food I mix with some dry food to make it stretch (I feed 4 kittens from 1 can morning and 1 can night). So far none of my kittens have taken a liking to any of the cat treats so I really don't bother with treats except for catnit which my 6 month old absolutely goes nuts for. I can sprinkle a bit on the ground and he will roll in it for hours.