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Jan 1, 2022
I'm about a month in to integrating the new cat Rose (4.5 mo female) with Jack (20 mo male). They're doing pretty well together, though i do have to keep an eye on her because, while Jacks neutered, her Spay appointment isn't until March. She's interacting well with Jack, trotting up to him trilling, booping noses, and rubbing sides. She's gotten better with leaving her safe space, and spends a good chunk of her awake time exploring the apartment, though she still sleeps under there. I'd say the transition was going well except for 1 glaring aspect. She's still super scared of me.

For context, she was doing well and starting to let me pet her, then two weeks ago was her last vaccine appointment. Her original time was later in the afternoon, and i was going to slowly tempt her into the carrier. However the doctor came down sick the day of. They managed to squeeze her in, as otherwise she was going to have to restart her shots, but i had to get there within the next 30 minutes. The vet's 20 minutes away. you can see where this is going. I tried tempting her into the carrier, but she was not interested. Then she bolted and i had to go grab her. Despite all the comforts i could provide her, she was scared of the vet and the shots. She was shaking when i got her home. She didn't want treats or the calming spray, she wanted her safe space.

I thought, yeah fair enough. But now she's really skittish around me. If i hold really still, or am "looking" at something else, she may come within a meter or two of me, but the second i move she bolts. She'll come near me, slowly, if i have her favorite treat, but bold the second its done. Giving her her space didn't help, and slowly playing with her isn't either. I'm not sure what else to do, or does she just need time?


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Jun 13, 2018
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Hi. Yeah, she just needs more time to get over that whole ordeal. Unless you know her background, there could be extenuating circumstances that made the vet/carrier deal a bit scarier to her. Try using some of the techniques in these TCS articles to see if over time they might help. Some aren't applicable, but others may be. Just some tips to see if you can build her confidence back up with you. Don't let the titles fool you - there are still some good ideas!
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