Naturea brand carrageenan investigation


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Feb 11, 2016
Hello parents! 

Just wanted to share some information regarding the brand Naturea.  Probably a bit more "out there" and not quite common in the States, Naturea is a brand from Portugal that has been surfacing in the Hong Kong market.  It boasts grain-free in its canned food: and yesterday I finally gave it a try, and bought a can of chicken flavor.  After looking up the ingredients on its website, in the additives there's only vitamin E listed.  To be sure I wrote the company:


/// Subject: carrageenan?

Message Body:
Hi there!  I was wondering if you have carrageenan in your canned cat food varieties, mainly the CHICKEN flavor.  Would be most appreciative of your reply!  Thanks in advance.  :)///
and lo and behold, there it is in the reply... they DO use carrageenan:


/// Good afternoon.

Yes we can confirm that we use carrageenan in our canned foods


Here's my beef with this.  Had I known there was carrageenan in it, I would never have bought it.  So, I wrote them back:


Hello Raul,

thank you for your reply.

If you do use carrageenan, why is it not listed in the additives list on your website? I bought a can of Naturea yesterday after scouring the Internet for ingredients and I did not find carrageenan listed. To be sure I wrote you and there it is. I haven't opened the can yet, and I won't now. It will be going straight in the trash because carrageenan can be done without, did you know that? And when I bought your can yesterday I wanted to try out Naturea but it seems like it won't happen now. I think even if it's not intentional, it feels like you guys are not honest with your additives and you really can't claim to be as such. I urge you to come clean with your real list of additives so that pet parents can make better choices for their fur children. You lose me today, you will lose more tomorrow. Until there is no more carrageenan in your products, I shall not be considering Naturea, and will urge others not to also, for there are better choices out there without carrageenan.  Nevertheless I thank you for your reply. Best regards. ///


Will update whether I hear back from them or not!  Anyway just wanted to share with you all.  Information is meant to be shared!  :) 
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Jun 5, 2017
It's a shame they are mis-listing ingredients but is there an info like carrageenan is harmful? I searched and found this:
Carrageenan - Food Science Matters
So if its just a seaweed boiled for a natural and vegan gelatine alternative, it must be safe for the humans and animals. right?
Still, I am really confused about naturea of course, because if they are not listing all ingredients, there may be much more... And a pity, cos it seemed like the best wet option around and was gonna try :/


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Sep 6, 2016
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Carrageenan is one of those ingredients where there is just as much bad as good out there. It isn't *just* boiled down seaweed although there is that perception out there.

The thing is that it has no nutritional value, is not digestible, and has no purpose but a thickener/stabilizer. Basically it is cosmetic. There are also several forms and the form approved for human consumption is not necessarily the form the pet food industry uses. One form of it is used to cause inflammation in lab mice for studies into anti inflammatory medications. Other labs studies one certain forms have shown that it can raise blood sugar and create prime conditions for high blood sugar. Researchers have also linked it to intestinal problems in animals including IBS, lesions and cancer. Recently I heard that the council who reviews products and certifies them as vegan is reconsidering allowing it. It also isn't allowed by Whole30 as one of their possibly harmful

Bottom line, it can be okay for humans because we get the version approved for humans in our food. However, most nutritionists I have talked to about it recommend avoiding it when possible but not banning it. Moderation. Pet food, depends on the manufacture and which version they use. For me personally, it won't be allowed for my cats and I will limit my own intake.

Just to say, my view on food is everything in moderation. My own diet has undergone a lot of changes in the last year as I do research and try to eat better. I vary my animal proteins and eat a variety (at least one each poultry, pork, beef and fish per week plus a bison or lamb or other novel if I can find a good sale. My brother has hunter friends so sometimes I get wild boar or once some bear). I eat minimally process foods. Stay as low sodium as possible on processed foods. Avoid products with added sugar and soy whenever there is an alternative. I don't exclude treats or not buy a product I really like (Wickles! Nom) but if there is an equivalent I will do it instead.
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