My work saga!


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Jul 2, 2006
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Here is an update of my work saga.

I returned to work last week on Wednesday to the same assignment that I took a stress leave from. I immediately let it be known that I wanted a new nursing assignment. I was told that they would consider it.

The next day I was called down to the managers office and told that they could grant my request and that it would be a good time to do it because they were making many changes to the assignments at that time anyway. So I was told I would be working in Radiation Oncology instead of Medical Oncology/Hematology, starting this week.

My new assignment doesn't have any clinics on Monday, so I spent the day helping out another nurse in Hematology. Seems that while I was away they gave her all of the new patient consults from my assignment to do. And most of them didn't get done.

So today I oriented to one of my new clinics in the morning, and spent time working on more Hematology consults this afternoon.

Now here is the interesting part. The assignment that I was in and asked to leave, is changing a little! Last week when I went back the assignment was still "Hematology" and "Medical Lymphoma".

Today I found out that they are taking away the Medical Lympoma part of the assignment, the part they gave me in October last year despite my telling them it was just too much ontop of the Hematology and that I didn't think it was safe. So as of today they are leaving the new girl with just the Hematology aspect of the assignment which I had started that assignment with. And there will be another nurse now that is also assigned to help do the consults.

Interesting turn of events.

So far as the new assignment of mine goes, I'm thrilled. I had such a good morning. I actually felt that I had time to spend with the patient and ask questions and actually care about what they had to say because I didn't have to rush off because there was 15 patients needing to be seen like in my other clinics.

I also had a meeting with the doctor I'll be working with on Tuesday and Friday. She is the wife of a doctor I had worked with before. So when she saw my name and mentioned to him that I was going to be his clinic nurse, they had a discussion about me! She said he had nothing but high praise for me. According to her he said:

1. She's intelligent
2. She's curious
3. She asks lots of questions in order to learn
4. She's engaging
5. The patient's like her
6. She's very efficient

And she said that based on what he told her, that she's very happy to have me join her clinic team.

So that made me feel better!! I know I'm a good nurse and I do care a great deal about my patients, but it's nice to hear some positve feed back!


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Jun 25, 2002
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Aw that's great!

It's also interesting to hear about the reorganization. Must be nice to have the affirmation that you were right - the old assignment was more than one person should have to handle. Of course, they had to learn it at your expense. But being right is still nice, especially as you did have to suffer for their bad management decision before.

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Jul 16, 2007
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Happy to hear they had such nice things to say and that you are enjoying your work situation again