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Momma had cancer


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Jun 14, 2003
I had to put Momma my female Ragdoll down today as she was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. Her tumor on her stomach suddenly exploded. I had to decide quickly. I never wanted to have any animal suffer. She was 1 month beyond her 15th birthday. She owned me for the last 14 years. I am still just devastated totally by her loss.
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Oct 30, 2015
Oh I am so sorry for your loss. The heartbreak of losing one of our furbabies is tremendous. (((Hugs))). You did what was best for her and I know she appreciates it. Take care of yourself in this sad time.

zed xyzed

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Nov 10, 2015
Toronto Canada
I am so sorry for your loss.  The fact she lived for 2 years after that awful diagnosis is a testament  to the care and love you gave her. 
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di and bob

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Dec 12, 2012
Nebraska, USA
I'm so very sorry, I know how much it hurts to lose such a valued member of your family. Your heart feels like it could burst, but remember, your sweet Momma is a part of that heart now and will never leave you alone. The bond you share is so strong it has become a part of you, even death will never take it from you. I'll pray that you come to peace with her passing, it will take a long time, but time is all we have now to ease the ache in our souls. You could never have allowed that sweet girl to suffer for one more minute, her love for you comforted her and let her know that the decision was done out of your love for her, you took on her pain as your own broken heart. 

My heart aches for all the pain you are going through, I hope you can try not to dwell on her end, but celebrate the wonderful 15 years you had together. She left you a legacy of beautiful love, and would not want you to be so sad on her account. One day in the future that beautiful little face will bring up happy memories and you will be able to smile again. It's so hard to go on without them, especially around the holiday season, everyone is happy except for you. I lost my Chrissy right before Christmas and three years later can finally see the beautiful lights as a celebration of her love for me, although the tears still fall.  It brings an ache to think of the ones we lost, but life goes on and is for the living, we can make a difference in this world in our loved one's names, and in this way they will never truly be gone from us. Take care of yourself, and thank you so much for letting us know of this wonderful little girl's life. RIP sweet Momma, you will never be forgotten, and will forever be held in a loving heart! 

macha 143

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Oct 4, 2015
It's  very sad indeed losing our beloved cat and I am sorry for your loss...

RIP Momma....



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Jul 13, 2015
Washington State USA
I am so sorry for your loss, there is never enough time with our furbabies and cancer makes this so much worse :-( 

Fly Free Sweet Momma- and land softly...You were so loved!  Hugs to you!

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