Keeping (semi) outdoor cats warm in winter


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Feb 13, 2016
North Florida
If it's not to late to post on this, the last 5 winters or so, I've been keeping 4 outside strays warm at night with Sunbeam heating pads, the one's that don't stop running after 2 hours(these are getting harder to find), cost about $15. each......I have 4 beds outside on my porch where they stay dry even during a rainstorm spaced about 5 feet apart and about waist in about a month or so I'll add a heating pad to each one and put about 2-3 layers of t-shirt or towel, set temp on low(maybe medium if it gets down in the 30s) AND all winter nights long all beds WILL have a taken in them..............Only wish I could do this with the stray colony at the dump, Thank God I'm in north Fla., it could be worst !!.