It's been grand! & a "thank you" offer~~~

amy shojai

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One more day to go on this visit and I hope you've enjoyed the exchanges as much as I have.

Any other questions? Comments? Pressing concerns about your aging kitties? I don't want to miss anything!

I wanted to thank everybody for being so cordial and friendly during my visit. This is a place I could definitely get used to--but I must be strong and resist. I barely have time to meet my obligations as it is. *s* But I hope perhaps you'll have me back for another visit now and then.

Hope that everybody has entered the contest for the drawing of the copy of COMPLETE CARE FOR YOUR AGING CAT. Whoever wins, I will be happy to autograph the book to you--or to a special feline friend.

Since only one person can win the book, for others who decide to purchase their own copy (of either ...AGING CAT or of ...AGING DOG) I'd also like to offer to send other folks a signed bookplate (printed on a label) that can be inserted to turn your book into an autographed copy.

I would need your snail mail address, and to whom the bookplate should be signed (i.e, to you, in memory of a pet, as a gift for a pet lover, to your veterinarian, etc). Send this information in a PRIVATE MESSAGE to Mary Anne, and she'll get the message to me.

Now then--clock's ticking. What else would everyone like to discuss before I've gotta leave tomorrow?



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On behalf of everyone here, I would just like to Thank You for taking the time out of your hectic schedule and hosting such an informative forum. I know that down the road, the answers you have provided there will help all those in need. I do so appreciate all you have done and I really can't wait for next fall when you host the writing forum!


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We don't have any aging kitties - our four just made the one year mark, so I haven't spent time here, though in about 15 years I'm sure I'll wish I had.

I just wanted to say that everyone who has participated in this forum have really appreciated your help and advice! There's been a lot of chat, and I know you have helped so many owners and their cats. EVERYONE is looking forward to the fall!!!!!

I just wanted to add my thanks and appreciation for your participation. I'm so glad you enjoyed your experience here!



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I'd like to say a special thanks for your time Amy. I hope to see you back here in the future


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Amy - thank you so much for hosting this forum. It's been grand for us too
I have read many of the threads and as always was impressed. That you are one of the most knowledgable cat experts I know goes without saying, but you are also such a kind warm person and your writing is so wonderful it's been a true joy to read your replies.

Like MA said, I'm sure these posts will be helpful for many cat owners down the road. I am going to lock this forum for further posting but it will be here for people to read and re-read. I know a lot of people would want to contribute to this thread of thanks as well - so please consider this to be a token of gratitdue from all of us here!

Thank you for your participation here and for sharing those golden moments with us
I sure hope we'll have you here again as soon as you can. And don't hesistate to login occasionally and say hello - I you will be missed around here!

By the way, I've put my order for the book with Mary Anne - I can't wait to get my copy
- Thanks!!!