Introducing 2 Cats.


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Sep 22, 2016
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:kneading:Hey guys,

So i havent been here in a really long time but finally taking a bit out of my hectic schedule to ask you cat experts out there a quick question.

So as you guys can see I have my cat Gatsby, he'll be officially turning 1 this August. :lovecat2:

i have recently moved in with my boyfriend who has a persian mix cat named Alfred (both him and gatsby are persian mix) but he is turning 3 years this September. Both cats have been the only cats in our house hold but since we have moved together i want the transition to be as smooth as possible. :beerchug:

:blackcat2::blackcat2:Moved in thursday night and just as expected there was a hiss/grumble match going between the both of them:argue:. By friday afternoon it seemed like one and the other could walk past each other walking slowly as to not spook the other one out:kitty:. Saturday all day it seemed both of them were testing out the waters and moved past one another closer and closer which made me a bit scared since i was ready to scare both cats if a fight should break out. by sunday i noticed that when i started playing with gatsby, alfred would look attentively like he wanted to participate so i had both cats at opposite ends of the room and i would switch between the two cats and they played well (still kept their distance but played)

There was only one scare where i guess my cat wanted to get a bit too friendly and thought it would be good to be playful and run. alfred followed and when the got to the cat tree (each of them on either side of the tree) gatsby swipped which in turn made alfred swipe 4 or 5 times quickly and he sorta hissed.

I really want these guys to get along but am i going to fast?

Also ever since i moved in gatsby has been using Alfreds litter box and hardly uses his (is that normal)

Any advice is so so appreciated guys :grouphug2:


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Jun 12, 2016
You've been extremely lucky. It has been an extremely fast introduction but the cats are being great with each other.

I suggest you read the following article but don't separate them unless you are unable to supervise them. Head on right down to point 3 - Interactive play and treats. :lol:

The article highlighted at the bottom of the page called "Introducing cats to cats" has some great tips.

How To Successfully Introduce Cats: The Ultimate Guide

Hissing and claws in posturing is fine, watch out for out and out biting, clawing, howling brawls. If you find they are being a little intense you can separate them for a few minutes. Cats have short spans of attention, they should be fine when once they are out of exile or you could distract them with a game.

If you see one about to pounce, you know how they get when they are stalking? Say "No" in an authoritative voice, clap your hands or throw something in the cat's direction (not at the cat).

Rachel Warner

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Apr 18, 2017
Tie a toy to each end of a string, then place it so there's a toy on either side of the door. Hopefully, they'll start batting the toys around and maybe even batting paws. Be sure to spend plenty of time with your new kitty in their room, but don't ignore your resident cat. Laser lights help.