I have nine cats

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All my cats are fixed except the baby. He is only six months. I wait for when they are a year old. He is the rowdiest kitten I ever had. yet he isn't a problem cat child.

Caz is a six year old neutered male. He is one of three from his litter I have here. Both his brothers go in the litter box fine. Caz refuses. There is nothing wrong with him physically. Healthy. Maybe too chubby, but no health problems. His refusal, is behavioral. He goes on the floor all the way down the hallway. I tried different kinds of litters. All the way to newspapers and paper towels. He rather go on carpet and bury with his hair. Like a rabbit would to nest. How do I put it to him that the litter box is the place I want him to go?

Mittens(Caz's brother) wants outside so bad. Breaks your heart to say no to him, he is so desperate sounding as he begs. I am afraid of the people out in my neighborhood calling the humane society people to picking him up. So I don't chance it. Would I be wrong if I let him out in the wee hours of the morning before people get up?

Peanut Butter is the second youngest in my cloudier. He likes to play in water. All kinds of water. I have to keep the lid on the toilet down so he doesn't play in that. He likes resting his elbows on the edge and paddle. Does he need a swimming pool?


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There are many posts from others with more experience regarding the litter box.

I would have to say that I would never let my cat outside, for fear of what would happen to them.  Since you question the people around you already, my answer is Definitely No, do not let Caz outside.

Peanut Butter loves water, so why not fill a small tub with water and let him in?  Friends used to have a cat that would cry to get into the bathtub or shower, so they let her.  Funny, her name was Kit Kat (a crispy peanut butter candy bar).
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