How often do you feed feral/outdoor cats?


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Apr 26, 2020
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Since you asked what TNR means, are all these cats spayed/neutered?

If not, it could potentially be a reason why some of them aren’t getting along too well.
We know the black cat was TNR because it's ear was clipped. The other stray we adopted we know was not because she has had a litter of kittens! Since then, the black cat has disappeared. But, in the past, the black cat has disappeared for months and then shown up again. The orange cat has disappeared which made me concerned as I noticed that cat is practically skin and bones. Looking at the orange cat at first can be deceiving since she has so much hair. Another new stray has shown up a big orange and black cat that we've nickname "fat cat". lol I was reluctant to feed that cat at first thinking it might be someone's cat. That's all the news in a nutshell. lol