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Hello! (with pictures, of course)

Discussion in 'New Cats on the Block' started by allmykitties, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. allmykitties

    allmykitties Thread Starter TCS Member Young Cat

    Mar 8, 2016
    southern IL
    Me--I'm a divorced single mother with four human children (one is off to college and doesn't live with me; one is a senior in HS and then there are twins who are freshmen in HS).

    I also have five cats.

    First, I had in mind that I wanted to adopt a tuxedo cat, and in searching around I found a small rescue where I found her, but she also had a brother who was bonded with her.  So, I did what any right-minded person would do--adopt them both!

    She is the one in the foreground--her name is TV.  In the background with the glowing eyes is Domino (who is the one and only boy--they are all fixed, but he's also much bigger than all the girls).  They had been found as a probable dump job about 30 miles from any houses, and he had a horrible broken back leg when he got caught (spiral fracture). 

    Well, then I got to thinking that I hadn't adopted enough, so I went back to the same rescue.  Now, TV and Domino had been found with a third cat, a calico named Autumn.

    She is on the small side, but was older than TV and Domino (she had all her adult teeth, they were in transition and estimated to be 5 mo when they were first found).  There is a theory that she is the mother of the two of them, and I suspect it may be so.  If so, I think that she was caught in her first heat, and that the pregnancy stunted her growth.

    But there was another kitty who also kind of tugged at my heart strings.  She had been born to a feral mother, and finally tamed to adopt-able when she was 4 years old, was adopted out and returned after a year (the adopters' marriage broke up, the contract stipulated return and no re-homing).  When she came back, she wasn't in very good shape, but a couple months after I adopted TV & Domino, she was adoptable.  At this point, she was 6.5 years old.

    This is Circe--about two hours after I brought her into my house, showing that she approved wholeheartedly of her new residence.  She is an extreme snugglebug and loves to cuddle with me at night.  She's the only long-haired one.

    Now, I never intended to adopt another cat while I had these four.  However, about a month ago, a sick little kitty showed up at my house when it was bitter cold outside.  We coaxed her into the garage since I didn't want to expose the other four to her until I knew about her health.  She had diarrhea and was painfully skinny.  I started feeding her, took her to my vet, and look at her now:

    Her name is Cosette (or Cozy), since her skinny little neglected self is how she came into my life, but she's quite a beauty.  We (the vet and I) are estimating her age at 10 to 12 months.  She is also a lap kitty now, and loves to play (but we can't let her have any toy mice, because she eviscerates them, but she plays with balls without tearing those apart).

  2. margd

    margd Chula and Paul's roommate Veteran

    Feb 24, 2015
    Maryland USA
    Welcome to TCS! [​IMG]   It sounds like you have a very lively home!  It was so wonderful of you to go back and get Domino and then Autumn.  And then Circe!  I guess when Cosette showed up at your house it was because she knew you were a good cat mom and would take good care of her.  All five of them are so pretty and look so happy and content.  I hope we see many more photos of them in the future!  [​IMG]    You are going to fit in very well here as we are all as soft hearted about cats as you are!   💙

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