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Sep 24, 2019
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So. My Sueño has cancer. She just went through surgery. It's her third surgery, actually, in under three months no less. She has a melanoma, with metastasis, very aggressive. We have worked as fast as we could, but this cancer just moves too fast. And we are done subjecting her to surgeries, it's already too much. But doing nothing is just letting it spread.

I have considered just letting her go, but you wouldn't believe just how willful she is. She just keeps fighting. I want to respect her desire to live by trying something else. So I decided to act, if only to contain this.

So my taken chance is inmunotherapy. Paliative or actual cure, I know no vet can guarranty me anything, but it seems a good idea to try. (Actually, if anybody in the forum has ever tried vet inmunotheraphy for cancer patients, I'm always looking for more information. My family still has reservations. I know it's a rather new thing for cancer patients -even human ones-. Anything to dissipate doubts would help me loads.)

So here's the thing. I'm in Argentina, there's an economic crisis here, and I've just lost my job so, I have become a bit desperate (Savings, in this context, just evaporate). I have all but lapidated most of my money in the previous attempts at treatment (three surgeries (one cryosurgery, two traditional), three months of almost daily antibiotics (most of which was two of them at a time, because the infection was ridiculously strong), I.V. to make sure she was hydratated for surgery because of an upset stomach because of the antibiotics...). Even buying her the special food (called Recovery) she needs now is becoming difficult enough... and I'm running out of time. That's the main problem. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing this.

The honest truth is, I've never done anything like this. You see, the last surgery ended up removing part of Sueño's jaw. Looking for information on how to care for a cat with this situation, I came across the "Duchess- The Miracle Kitty" story, who had their jaw removed and the owner asked for funding for her treatment. So I thought about doing the same and created a gofundme campaign. But so far only friends from my time in Harry Potter forums have popped up. I thought about coming to pet forums, but most have bans against asking for help in this way - understandably, trying to deterr scams...

I am told this site is different, in that it won't ban me for posting a link to my GoFundMe campaign (and reading the rules, that seems to be the case). So, with your permission, here it is: Click here to support Help us get my cat treatment for her cancer organized by Federico Allende ...I hope this is okay. I have a friend in Amsterdam, Holand, that helps me maintain it.

I really don't know how to reach anybody outside my social circle. I don't have an Instagram or a Twitter account that I have been using (no or few contacts), and Facebook algorythm makes it so my posts reach only people in my city and close-by town at most, it seems. (Which, as previously stated, are all suffering the effects of our economic crisis so are hardly in a position to help me.) Good news is, because of my country's deteriorating economy, US/European spare change is a lot of money for me. Bad news is, all my vet studies notes are in Spanish. My English is good because of too many years in that Harry Potter forum.

I can post the studies and diagnosis anyways. But the non-Spanish speaker interested would need to at least re-write and googletranslate the thing just to verify what it says so... I can offer the transcription (I don't think doing the translation myself counts), along the image of the actual thing to compare and check I'm not changing anything. (And googlemaps pics for the vet oncologist maybe...? I have reached out to three veterinarians, all of them could corroborate everything, but so you know, all of them talk in Spanish.) Finally, I can post photos I've been taking of the whole process. Any other thing you can think of that might help verify authenticity, let me know.

...And this is the short version of the story. If you reached the end of this long thing, thanks just for that. I know even saying the word "cancer" scares most people away - especially with pets involved. It scared me in the past and I'll own to that. I'd have run like a coward now, except it's not an option any more when the thing knocked at our door. I just wanted to add as a last thing, it's not just the plea for monetary help. I'm also looking for information, about inmunotherapy -or an alternative-, about how to reach people and where to publish a crowfunding campaign regarding her case -- speaking of, I found the pinned thread about funds and resources - very helpful! So actually, I'm thanking you already. Even though most of them are for America (US) funding groups, I'll be lurking about and see if any of them can help me.

Anybody else who wish to help, things like sharing the GoFundMe or suggesting a course of action is welcomed. I can PM you my telephone number or another contact if you need it for some reason. My facebook, though mostly in spanish, is Nadia Rey (nchantalona). And thank you.


The transcription of the diagnosis:

Centro de Interconsulta y Derivación Oncológica Veterinaria
Dra. Laura Peruzzo de Naville
Dr. Ariel L. Schiaffi

Bv.Rondeau 202.
(S2013HEP) Rosario.
T.E: 341-4557529/ 341-4533163
Fecha :25/06/19

Propietario: REY
Especie: FELINO. “SUEÑO”

PAF de ganglio submandibular

En los preparados estudiados sobre un campo de glóbulos rojos sobresalen células redondas y fusiformes con anisocitosis y anisocariosis y pigmentos intra e intercitoplasmáticos color negruzco.

El cuadro citológico es compatible con MELANOMA>>

-Googlemaps screencap
-Picture of the tumor in a previous state.
-Picture of the tumor after the cryosurgery (killing it slower than it was growing).
-Sueño, the fifth day after the surgery. (She was eating through a foley but she forcefully removed it hours earlier. That's her. She just does whatever she wants.)
-She doesn't like when I take pictured of her 'bad side'. I snuck in this take.
-Her chin is still a bit swollen.
-Sueño came back home, the first picture I took after the fact.
I have more but these are the most recent ones. I'm also attaching the bloodtest and echocardiogram, just because. And I'm gonna add a couple more pics just for the kicks, because she's beautiful. Seriously though. This kitty just... she's just too strong. The way she's still fighting. That's some powerful will power. She's incredible. And I don't want it to end like this...



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Mar 17, 2013
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Sep 24, 2019
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Hey, thank you! That's actually a very helpful link.

Though right now I'm feeling kind of pessimistic about the whole thing... Yesterday I thought 'this is it', a major scare. It's the kind of thing that sets me wondering if I should start a new thing, if I don't know if she's gonna last the month. Luckily today she started eating again and gained the lost weight, otherwise this would be another kind of update.

Btw, as an update, the drugs finally are in stock. They called me yesterday (saturday, the lab was closed today). I should be able to get the first batch tomorrow.