Frozen Diets available for delivery! Ontario residents :)


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Oct 16, 2012
Ontario Canada

I thought I would stop by to let everyone know what I found in my Ontario area. I am unable to drive so often times I find it difficult to get my raw diets for my cat and dog.
By a fluke I came across this fantastic website. They deliver the raw diets to OAKVILLE, BURLINGTON, MISSISSAUGA, HAMILTON, MEAFORD, THORNBURY TO COLLINGWOOD.
So if anyone out there is like myself, then this information might help you. They also offer delivery all over Canada, but the raw diets are only available for local delivery. They do have freeze dried raw too so I am sure that it would be available for delivery outside of the local area and to other provinces if needed. The website is They also have lots of other things available too for all pets. I hope that this might be helpful to some of you as it was for me!