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Found Abandoned 4 Week Old Kitten


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Sep 17, 2019
I found an abandoned 4 week old kitten under a trailer. This being my first rescue, I wasn't sure what to feed him. I started out with a couple drops of cow milk, but he quickly took the reins on a piece of turkey. About 3 hours later I called up my friend who has a little more kitten experience, and she brought some kitten supplement milk. Kitten has fleas, so I did my best with washing him with Dawn, and combing. We have an appointment with a vet tomorrow. Kitten has peed in litter box 3 times, and cried loudly each time, no poop yet. I've been bottle feeding every 4 hours, and he seems to be gaining energy back, but have I done anything wrong? What can I do to help this kitten grow into a healthy car?


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Sep 18, 2005
Good beginning, esp if you use kmr or goats milk. Cow milk may be OK but less safe.

You can give food more often, 2-3 hours is good.

I wonder a little about the complaining while peeing, but he is probably used to momma helping him with that, so now he must work some to pee.
This may apply also to the pooing, so try with stimulating some to poo!