Feral cats living in our yard


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Jun 29, 2021
Hello everyone. I really appreciate if you can help me with this matter. There are 2 feral cats that we fed since they were kittens. The female one became pregnant and gave birth in our yard. She was very scared and once, she put the kittens on my legs and it was like she is begging me to do sth! 🥺
(My hometown is very hot in summer. About 60 degrees)
We provided a safe place for them. She had 3 kittens. One still born, one was so weak that even the vet could not do anything. One survived. She's almost 2 months. ♥ But the queen is pregnant again! Our yard is somehow belongs to them, and if my parents try to open the door, they run inside (the mother cats and her brother). And my own cat becomes very scared. The mother cat tries to pick a fight with my cat and its all messed up. She doesn't even leave our yard even for 30 minutes! My parents almost lost their patience, I'm leaving my country and we are really scared that she gives birth in our yard again. We're trying to find someone to adopt the kitten but she's still very young. What can I do sovthat she won't gives birth here? 🥺 Is there any chance she leaves the kitten when she's in labor?


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May 27, 2013
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There's really only one thing you can do @:tinytoon and that is get all the cats spayed and neutered. You can spay the mother cat even if she is pregnant. I know it's not something anyone wants to do, but it is an option. If you consider how little chance feral born kittens have of surviving outside it might be the kindest thing.

If you don't want to do that you will have to spay the mother cat about 4 weeks after she gives birth to prevent her getting pregnant right away for a third time.

You need to neuter the male cat too.

As they live in your yard and you feed them they are your cats, just as much as your indoor cat is. You really need to get them all fixed before you end up with 30 of them to care for.

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