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Mar 6, 2017
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Luciano has eaten string twice now; once was a green string that attached feathers to a wand & the second time was the day before yesterday when he ate at least a foot of pale string that also attached a feather toy to a wand. Aside from keeping the toy away from him when I'm not using it (currently on top of a seven foot high bookcase), should I be concerned about his insides? The green string incident was at least two weeks ago. I haven't seen any string in his poop, and he is eating and drinking and pooping and peeing normally. Perhaps the string dissolved inside him? Is that possible? It wasn't jute, seemed like string that would fray easily.

He loves his feather toys so much that when he catches it by jerking it out of my hand, he runs with it to the bedroom, wand trailing behind him, jumps on the bed and frolics with the feathers while lying on his back. He uses all four paws to play with the feathers and chew on them. He must eat the string at this point as well. I will no longer allow him any 'private time' with his beloved feathers.


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Aug 5, 2015
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Have you checked under the cats tongue to make sure the string didn't get wrapped around it? Also, if you do see string, whether it is attached to the tongue or if it is coming out the other end, DO NOT PULL IT and take the cat to the vet for proper removal. Keep an eye out for blockages...change in stool (no stool, thin stool, liquid stool etc) or excessive vomiting and inability to keep food down.