Continuing The War On My Lack Of Sleep


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Dec 4, 2017
Homer grew out of this, but what I did was put an ottoman with a cat bed on it right next to my bed, and whenever he woke me up I hissed or yelled at him. I didn't put him IN the cat bed, because in my experience cats don't stay where you put them unless you train them to do that. This was when he was little guy. Since then I have trained him to stay where I put him, and his cat bed has moved to the top of a dresser in front of a window in the room. I say Bedtime, and I go to my bed and he goes to his. In the winter, he will sneak to my bed but he doesn't wake me up. That said, there is in his mind a routine, and if I am trying to sleep when he doesn't think we are supposed to be sleeping, then he comes and climbs on top of me and purrs really loudly. So I am allowed to sleep, but only during what he considers Sleep Times. Compromise. I guess.


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Aug 28, 2016
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I've also known a few people who have used a dog crate that is big enough to hold a litterbox and a bowl of water and cat bed, and some food if you want (a plastic type that has more coverage and not wire bars) in another room to contain miss kitty, and a fan or something to drown out any meowing. They aren't totally cheap, but worth it to be getting sleep.