Cats should be fed once a day?


minish first..
Adult Cat
Nov 21, 2016
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I've read countless times cats are opportunistic hunters. They get what they can and attempt hunting several times per day. After all they are not cheetahs or lions. Made a lot of sense to me.
Enzyme levels for becoming hungy, fat burning... As if the study anthropomorphic. Are these ideals we want to accomplish for a cat?
There is one thing similar in cat metabolism to us. They can develop insulin resistance which I guess is the problem with minish constantly asking for food. I have insulin resistance, asked my endocrinologist his view on intermittent fasting. He said healthy people have the luxury to try such things. Not you. 6 meals per day for you..
I'm not a vet or a dietician but these things came to my mind seeing the original post