Cats Not Eating, Vomiting Clear/Foamy Liquid, Lethargic

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May 2, 2018
Thanks a lot for sharing this, good to know that those symptoms can indication blockage. Still I don't think they're blocked as they've been peeing/pooping now, and not vomiting, just not eating much. And only eating dry kibble, very little of it. Also the reason I don't suspect blockage is because their urinalysis was totally negative for Jimmy. His only 'issue' was dehydration based on blood / test results. He was the one vomiting (which I suspect due to an empty stomach / anxiety). And the fact that Bob, the supposedly blocked cat is totally fine peeing/pooping (well besides reduced appetite). Bob never vomited, and hasn't since maybe last year.

They seem to be more stressed every time I go visit the nursing cat/kittens, because I suspect theirs been urine all over the floors of that room (took a while to litter train the kittens because they kept trying to eat the litter). In the morning they're fine, and then as the day goes on and I've been to the kittens room and back to our bedroom, their stress seems to increase and they stop eating again. I just don't know how to get rid of the urine smell or the residue from the floors. At least for the garage, I've turned on a strong UVC lamp that kills pretty much every bacteria/virus/smell. I'm afraid to use that indoors because of the ozone residue it produces, and because we'd need to leave when it's turned on.

I may try to sprinkle baking soda on the carpets/floor. But besides that I hope the odor removers and feliway diffusers help.

I'm taking them to another vet today, trying to see if I can just get sub-Q fluids to at least keep them hydrated. I also bought HydraCare online, which arrives tomorrow morning, so I'll try that too.
Oh, I'm glad to hear that they are urinating. If you notice much less urination than usual or dribbles, that could be a sign but overall doesn't sound like one then. Phew!

I use Mister Max "Anti-Icky Poo Unscented" to remove the scent, which was recommended by my vet and behaviorist. Mister Max Unscented Anti Icky Poo Odor Remover, Gallon Size : Health & Household
It was a gamechanger for me. Maybe you will find it useful. If you need to remove urine on fabric or carpets, pretreat with their P-Bath.
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Mar 13, 2023
Thank you all soooo much! I would have never expected the possible urine smell and windex on the floor to be the culprit.

Earlier this afternoon I took them to the vet again because their appetites had declined again and they were not drinking any water (and primarily on dry kibble). Was able to get squeezed into the primary vet this time, which was a much better experience. Both got sub-q fluids and the vet gave me a sub-q fluid kit, showed me how to do it, in case I needed to myself at home.

Although I'd already ordered the Mister Max "Anti-Icky Poo Unscented" from Amazon (arrives tomorrow), I figured I'd pick up something from Petsmart on the way home just as a test. I got something called "Skouts honor urine odor destroyer"

When we got back, they both ate a small amount of tuna, peed/pooped. I kept them in the bedroom while I sprayed parts of the home where I had walked over after having been in the urine-drenched kittens room, and also places where I'd sprayed Windex on the floor.

A few hours later, when the cats were again curious to roam the house, their reaction/behavior was nothing short of a miracle! I couldn't believe it, they were rolling all over the carpet, purring, love biting and rubbing against me. They were acting as if I'd sprayed catnip everywhere, and they even did this on the tile floors, pretty much everywhere I'd sprayed the urine destroyer.

I was a bit concerned, what if this spray has a substance making them high/buzzed? But they've been fine, and their appetites have also increased! They've been hiding a lot less now, more active/alert. I'm still feeding them some cat tuna fish, but hope to eventually/gradually get them back on their normal wet food.

I think they're totally on the mend from here. I've since sprayed the rest of the house, and hopefully it will be all clear by the morning. I'm going to also spray all my clothing and wash them. I'd noticed the cats being spooked every time I returned from the kittens room. Unfortunately, I don't think I can clean the kitten room for now, since I don't want to cause them stress moving them, etc. They've already had their share of challenges. But maybe I'll figure something out.

Really truly appreciate all the advice, tips and support here.


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Jul 28, 2018
It's a very scary thing when you think the bailiff is going to take your house and throw you out to fend for yourself on the streets. That's the feeling cats get when presented with a strange cat peeing/spraying in their territory.

This is so good. The stuff you got, it making their world safe and secure again.

Once the kittens are big enough to come out of their nursery, your cats will see they are too small to be a threat. Okay, Mom, will be a threat, but only in protecting her kittens and claiming the nursery. They should be hardwired to understand that, when the time comes.

Have you tried putting thick towels in the nest to contain the pee? If you do and wash the towels every day while replacing with a second one, it might help.