Cat survived being stuck in garage, what next?


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Apr 21, 2020
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Hi guys it's been a while since i've been on here, so if this is the wrong forum i apologize

I'll insert updated/new information in green bold text

My 3 yr old male Lionel got stuck in my neighbor's garage door about 2 hours ago, 6:30pm CST. I believe the top part from what the neighbor told me. She said his middle part of the body was where he was stuck at and she said it looked tight, and they opened the door and he jumped down and walked wobbly to my house. She just texted me saying that he wasn't meowing a lot loudly when he was stuck and was notified by another neighbor who drove by. I was unaware of this until she knocked on my door telling me about it. Right now he's acting normal, but walking wobbly occasionally and struggles to jump. When he gets up to the couches his lower legs struggle to cooperate but he makes it and is laying down a lot. He hasn't ate yet because my loud parents are here and I don't like to feed them when they're all here but I'll try to feed him tonight and hopefully he will eat. But he's able to walk, no limping, and he's not meowing or crying in pain.

I occasionally feel some twitching in his lower body by his legs, I am now worried that there could be some internal damage or bleeding, but im not sure. I can't take him to the vet as of now because my strict parents would think I'm obsessed with my pets and would think i have mental issues. My parents always went against my actions with my ferals so if they see that he's acting ok right now, then they say a vet trip wouldn't be necessary. I know it seems like I avoid the vet, but it's just hard considering my financial situation

If he has internal issues, how would I be able to tell and how long should it take for the symptoms to start being visible? I'm still trying to get more info from my neighbor thru text, but right now he is resting.
What could I do to help him out at home? I will stay up tonight as much as I can to check up on him occasionally, I work tomorrow at 2.

I would truly appreciate any and all feedback and tips, and I'll update on here as much as I can


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Oct 16, 2015
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He does need to see the vet, and as soon as you can manage it. IF he does not eat once your parents are gone, then tomorrow. He could have internal injuries, or a spinal injury. In either case, waiting will make it worse.


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Hi there! How is your cat doing? Some close observation will be required. Look for pale gums; panting; dilated pupils; distended abdomen/tender stomach; involuntary muscle movements; hiding; loss of appetite; limping; crying, hissing or swatting when certain areas are touched. While I agree that a vet visit is optimal, I understand your situation & family Dynamics. Please keep us updated!