cat rescue turns into possible pregnant cat rescue


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Jun 21, 2014
Los Angeles
When did she and Cosmo meet for the first time? Was it at the end of August after she was fixed? If so, that is not a huge amount of time for cats to adjust to each other. Did you try any cat introduction strategies? I have a similar situation here with a young male (neutered) brought in at the end of May or so who frankly wants to be dominant, even over an older male. Can you close inside doors so that your house is partitioned without someone being confined to a room? We did that for quite some time and let them visit at the doorway. There are various ways to do this, such as using a latch on a door so that it can safely remain ajar, or using gates or screens. The fact that they will eat together is a good sign. Theoretically, they will learn that good things happen when they are together.

This can take a lot of time though. We are just to the point where the entire interior of the house is now open and while there are challenges, it is much calmer most of the time.

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