Can't get cat to stop destructive attention seeking behavior


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Feb 27, 2020
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When I sit down on the couch to chill out before bed, my cat takes the opportunity to continuously jump on my desk to paw my monitors or chew my lampshade.

I've tried it all. Spraying with a water bottle. Picking her up and placing her on her cat tower. Playing with her. Placing pillows against the monitors to block her access. Yelling 'NO!'. etcetc.

I can't ignore her, because if I let her paw the monitor for too long, it falls off the desk and is bound to break one of these times. And there are already tons of bite marks in my lampshade.

Every time I remove her from the object, she runs away and then comes RIGHT BACK.

She's doing it because she wants to play. So I give her some playtime, but the behavior doesn't end afterward. Once I stop playing with her, she starts back up again.

The whole process has become a game to her. I honestly don't know what to do anymore.

game misconduct

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May 1, 2020
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:lol:sorry i am not laughing at you graycie does that to me all the time just manipulates me in different ways is all jumping on the mantle behind the tv sitting in front:lol: of my pc screen about all you can do is play time like you said along with consistent but gentle setting of boundaries(shooing them off) for unacceptable behaviors they get the message eventually with graycie she doesnt like to be held:lol:so i will scoop her up with my good arm and hold her for a bit walking around while she complains and then set her onto a place she is allowed. like ontop of my tarantula cages:lol:it works for me only cause she knows if her behavior keeps up i will pick her up and hold her it kinda sounds like she ikes to follow/be around you to so maybe you can hide in another room behind a closed door for a lil bit?(protect the monitor first) then come back out i used that with graycie to teach her to not be on the counters took a bit for her to learn:lol:even though all bets are off when nobody is home just as long as its not done while i am around


minish first..
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Nov 21, 2016
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game misconduct game misconduct i take minish in my arms and give a big kiss when she wants food just for the fun of it :devilish:
L leo&ivy maybe it's because it's right before your bedtime. Minish wants playing chase before I go to bed. After all they are left alone and bored at the time when they are most active.
I learned to give in to minish because she's much more persistent in her ways. Maybe she needs these shenanigans more than I need to stop them
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