Any possibility of some Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest Cat genetics?


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Mar 1, 2021
This is my "little" shadow, Thor. He will be 7 this year. He wandered up to our house as a stray when he was just about 2 months old. He is right around 15lbs. He is bigger boned than the rest of our cats, including some massive paws. He has longer fur on his stomach and definitely wears a pair of fuzzy pants. He likes to drown toys in water, play fetch, and chirp. He very rarely gives a full meow. The one time we had to bathe him, his fur seemed to repel water and was much harder to properly wash. He can reach farther up the cabinets when begging for food than his adopted siblings, he just barely misses reaching the actual counter top. In the photo with the two other cats, for size reference they are his 10lb 3 year old brother and 16lb 9 year old brother. He's our gentle giant and we love him no matter what genetics he has.



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Dec 16, 2011
New Jersey
Wow, he's amazing looking! Thor is the perfect name for him.

Thor is a long hair domestic, red (orange) and white tabby and, I think bi-color since I see a white belly. In some photos his fur appears to be dilute and more of a cream color but it could be he's got both on him. I'm sure someone else more adept at coloring will be able to be more specific than I can be.

While of impressive size, I don't see any indication of the two breeds you mention in his appearance. Plus, it would be very unlikely as purebred breeders keep tight control over their cats. Many of his traits; long fur, bushy tail, big paws, are commonly found in the domestic cat population - he just wound up getting the best of the best LOL.

Love him. You both got lucky!


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Mar 8, 2018
Thor is a gorgeous boy :redheartpump:

I would also describe him as a red mackerel tabby domestic longhair. (Red is the official term for orange / ginger.) It's hard to say whether the light area on his belly indicates white markings, but I would guess it is just part of his tabby pattern, like the whitish area on his chin and tail tip. I'm not seeing obvious indications of specific breed ancestry in these pictures, although anything is possible. Domestic cats come in all sizes and shapes, with males tending to be bigger than females; his size and weight is within normal range for a male domestic cat.

I agree, you both got lucky :)