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Nov 25, 2017
Hey guys!

First post for me. I've been considering adopting another cat for a few months now. Thought about it for years but seriously considered the last three months. I found a five year old domestic short hair, black cat. Is fixed, has all her shots, not declawed. She's been at what is essentially a shelter (pet food store that houses some cats short-term from the SPCA as a way of finding them homes) for three months already.

I already have a 10 yr old medium hair domestic black cat who is my support animal, but she gets anxious and incredibly lonely when I'm away. We recently moved out on our own after living with my mum, dad, and dog.

She's only known a full house and I think the loneliness is getting to her almost as much as me.

I'm a full time student in a one year program. I have time between classes and I don't have a booming social life so I'm home a lot. Eventually there will be placements and work, but we're looking at the 9-5 kind of thing.

My question is, how do I introduce them? They met briefly after Stone, the new girl, slipped past my leg and into my bedroom where I've put Eva, my 10yr old, for now. Stone went right up to her squeak-screaming and they sniffed, but she hissed a bit. Eva just stared at her like, what??? I've letting stone have the run of my apartment right now but she comes up to my bedroom and screams at the door, knowing Eva is in there.

Tonight is the first night having her and I'm worried.

Thanks guys,



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Jul 17, 2014
Littleton, CO
Welcome to TCS, S Salios ! You've just found the best resource for cat lovers on the internet, as well as a remarkably helpful and supportive community. We're very glad to have you and both of your cats; we hope you'll be with us for many years and we'd love to see some pictures.

Fortunately, we have an article on this very subject, written by our very own @Anne, the remarkable woman who founded and owns The Cat Site: How To Successfully Introduce Cats: The Ultimate Guide

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