A few pics of my kitties


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Oct 29, 2014
Methuen, MA
Here are Bobby (left) and Tuppence. Born feral, they are cousins as their mothers were sisters. Both litters arrived the same day, Aug 26, 2006, so these 2 are 16 years old. They are in a new cat tree which is the perfect (or should I say purrfect?) height for my windows. It has 2 supports for the top bed.
P1050319 (Small).JPG P1050323 (Small).JPG

This is Mandy. She also has a new cat tree, but this one only has 1 support. She is petite, it works for her. I have ordered another of the other style, she will soon have that in her room as well. The first photo is what I sometimes see when looking for Mandy. Her, looking out the window. But most often, I see her jumping down to go hide. Born April 4 2007, and even after all these years, she lives life on her terms: NO HUMANS. Even though the bedroom door is always open, she seldom leaves this bedroom.
P1050326 (Small).JPG P1050327 (Small).JPG

A photo from last week, showing my 4th cat, Crystal. She is on my bed, with Bobby. Crystal was born in July 2004, she is now age 17 years.

P1050246 (Small).JPG