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  1. scoutandmaxine

    Ventral bulla osteotomy

    So on Tuesday, Maxine is going to the vet and we are going to discuss going through with the ventral bulla osteotomy. I'm hoping this will cure her chronic ear infection, once and for all. I have some questions about the surgery itself and also recovery. I was wondering if anyone else has any...
  2. fionasmom

    Ventral bulla osteotomy

    ...for ear polyps? Krista's Care @daftcat75 discusses some of Krista's experience with this surgery Search Results for Query: ventral bulla osteotomy I remember you have posted about your concerns with this procedure and hopefully others will respond. Please let us know what you find out from...
  3. scoutandmaxine

    Ventral bulla osteotomy

    Thank you so much. I will read all of those threads and update on how it all goes with Maxine.
  4. IndyJones

    Sudden vestibular issue in our blind cat

    Indy has the idiopathic version, the vet gave me the option to take her to a specialist for a CT scan and mri or wait and see, I took the later and other than her head tilt she's perfectly fine, she just has a bad gyroscope.
  5. profcat

    Sudden vestibular issue in our blind cat

    Did she have any inner ear infection symptoms? Our Lucy has been acting 100% fine. Hasn't even had running eyes or scratching her ears or anything. Great appetite and she had blood work and an exam 2 months ago.
  6. daftcat75

    Sudden vestibular issue in our blind cat be a severe middle ear infection. She got to come home for a day and a night before she went back again for the surgery (ventral bulla osteotomy) to drain her ear. Thankful once more for insurance. In her case, doing nothing most likely would have resulted in the infection backing up into...
  7. B

    Elderly angel - potential stroke

    ...her evaluated at the same clinic. It turned out to be a bad, deep inner ear infection. She had to undergo an operation, a Ventral Bulla Osteotomy. She made a full recovery in about two weeks and was fine from there on. If I were you, I would have your kitty examined further by a...
  8. scoutandmaxine

    Chronic ear infection

    ...She just shakes her head more often if I haven't cleaned her ear in more than a couple days. So the vets solution is a ventral bulla osteotomy. Which is incredibly expensive. I can't afford it. Not to mention it is a very scary and invasive surgery. What I'm wondering is if that surgery is...
  9. IndyJones

    Sudden vestibular issue in our blind cat

    The day I first noticed it, Indy was in her room and I heard a crash, an industrial shelf (which has since been moved to the garage/workshop) had fallen on it's front and indy was laying between the shelves, I picked her up and moved her and she was acting like a drunk. Kept falling and bumping...
  10. daftcat75

    Options for ear polyps?

    My Krista had the ventral bulla osteotomy surgery for a severe middle ear infection. In her case, it was that or intentionally rupture her eardrum. She went into the surgery wobbly. She came out less wobbly over time. If that was her only worry, I’m sure she would have made a full recovery...
  11. lavishsqualor

    Krista's Care

    This is spectacular news! I'm so glad for you and Krista. And believe it or not, a Ventral Bulla Osteotomy isn't really that bloody. Not the one that I watched, anyway. It's oddly satisfying watching the polyps and "junk" being removed. Then again, I recorded my partner's ingrown toenail...
  12. daftcat75

    Horners Syndrome And Not Eating!! Please Help :(

    My Krista just had a surgery (ventral bulla osteotomy) to drain her middle ear infection. While she didn’t develop Horner’s this time, she is still wobbly and is expected to be on an antibiotic for at least a month. The inner ear doesn’t get good blood circulation because it’s basically...
  13. daftcat75

    Krista's Care

    I think the thing with that video was not watching the procedure itself. But watching it while I'm waiting and worried about it being performed on Krista at the time. I might very well go back and watch it once I'm less worried about Krista. But seeing how much fur will be shaved from Krista...
  14. O

    Krista's Care

    The trauma is real, I know first-hand. I hope life gets simpler for you both soon ❤
  15. daftcat75

    Krista's Care

    ...vigilance. Currently she’s confined to a portable dog play pen because she’s on strict activity restriction, post-surgery (ventral bulla osteotomy.). And if I wasn’t awake at just the right time last night, I wonder if all three 💩 would have made it to the same tiny box. Or if she’d put...
  16. daftcat75

    How Often Does Your Cat Get Sick?

    Fish can also be allergenic and/or inflammatory. Krista just needed a significant surgery called a ventral bulla osteotomy where they went up through her jaw to drain her middle ear of infectious material. My theory is that the fish flakes I was using to wrap her pred pill was causing an...
  17. A

    After 10 times to the vet, need advice.

    Thank you for your response! Fluffy is currently on antibiotics for 6 to 8 weeks (to be re Evaluated at the 6 week mark,) may I ask you what antibiotic she was given during that month? And if you do remember her dosage?
  18. daftcat75

    After 10 times to the vet, need advice.

    ...She got a CT scan and they concluded an inner ear infection and recommended surgery to drain it. The surgery is called a ventral bulla osteotomy. They make an incision beneath her jaw and they go up into what amounts to a drain pan in the inner ear that fills up with infectious junk. She...
  19. daftcat75

    Head tilt (feline idiopathic vestibular disease? )

    ...The neurologist, after looking at the MRI, recommended surgery, and I consented. In her case, the surgery is called ventral bulla osteotomy. They went up through her jaw to drain her middle ear. There was so much junk in there that that was what was causing all the neurological symptoms...
  20. daftcat75

    pancreatitis and not eating...

    ...California. Probably only San Francisco is more expensive. This was the estimate if Krista needed a feeding tube after the ventral bulla osteotomy she just had. Esophagostomy Tube Placement 0 → 1 $0.00 → $248.85 Induction - injectable 0 → 1.5 $0.00 → $106.50 Anesthesia Each 1/2 hr 0 → 1...