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    Thanksgiving Plans?

    Visiting family in NYC . Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!!
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    Injured kitty needs prayers/vibes

    Asera, good vibes for healing and a good home!
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    Autumn with her kittens

    Gorgeous creatures! Those eyes!!
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    Little black (bendy) Gumby cat

    She is just gorgeous.
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    $1725 for a dental! - what do you pay?

    Wally is getting a dental cleaning in a few weeks. The minimum it will be is $450. Some of that charge is for pre-op bloodwork, which they require because he is a senior. He has one really bad-looking tooth,which if they pull it, will add another $100-$150 to the bill (including antibiotics...
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    Happy Christmas

    MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone and their kitties!!!!!
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    Question of the Day- December 25th - Friday

    Until the end of New Year's weekend...Jan 3rd or 4th.
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    Your Most Hated Christmas Song

    "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas." It's depressing.
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    Colored or white Christmas lights?

    I love multi-colored lights. Maybe it's the kid in me.
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    Do you only feed :

    One dry, I rotate a few wets.
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    Question of the Day: Tues. Oct. 13

    No, in fact I'm amazed that people actually do that.
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    Question of the Day Oct 1oth

    Our family had a goldfish named Champ. He lived a long life.
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    I love Autum!

    I love autumn! Cool temps, pretty leaves, Halloween...I love it all!!
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    Any Yankee fans here?!

    Far from it.
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    How many pills do you take per day?

    Three: blood pressure pill omega-3 supplement calcium supplement I'm debating whether to start taking a multi-vitamin again. As for the BP pill, it's a very low dose (reduced by half a couple months ago) that I'm hoping to be off completely. Doctor says that with my continued exercise and...